10 White Christmas Decor Ideas From Designers

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Christmas often centers on a red and green color combination, but white is equally adored when the holiday rolls around (if you weren’t singing “White Christmas” in your head already, you probably are now). Wintery white decor can be incorporated into a classic theme or appear in unexpected Christmas color pairings. So if you’re looking to bring more white decor into your home this winter, look no further. We’ve laid out white Christmas decorating tips that will ensure your interiors magically transform into a winter wonderland this season—no matter if you live in an area that typically sees a white Christmas or reside in a warmer climate.

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Texture can instantly elevate any white decor setup, preventing it from falling flat. Here, Gillian Segal Design covered a white marble mantel with an arrangement of white and gray leafy stems with pops of greenery and indigo feathers. The concept can easily be translated to a table centerpiece or Christmas tree.

Cozy white faux fur throw blankets and pillows can be used year-round and are very on-theme when it comes to white holiday decor. Invest in pieces you can continually make use of—from a white dinnerware set and linens to a cloud-like comforter and sheer drapery. In a Montana cabin, designer Kylee Shintaffer draped a simple sheepskin over a desk chair for a cozy winter wonderland aesthetic.

Don’t limit your Christmas lighting to white string lights on your tree. Incorporate white taper candles throughout your home. Include classic-size ones as part of a tablescape and light them to set the mood. Or recreate this fireplace in designer Alison Victoria’s Atlanta loft. She filled it with thick faux candles that turn on (and even flicker!) with the press of a remote.

White flowers can easily amplify your Christmas spirit. Display a large white floral arrangement on your dining table or include a few clear vases of varying heights with a couple of blooms in each of them.


Try Touches of Greenery

Make your snowglobe-like interiors feel a bit more festive with touches of greenery. Here, designer Nicole Salceda of Eye for Pretty added bursts of greenery to the tablescape and on the light fixture above it. White dining chairs, dinnerware, and a tablecloth solidify the dreamy setup.

Metallics enhance any Christmas decor theme—whether it’s all-white or rainbow. Go for silver, gold, copper, rose gold, or a combination of metals. In this timeless bathroom by designer Rachel Hardage Barrett, a dazzling gold wreath brings Christmas magic to the bubble bath zone.

Not all white Christmas-themed interiors have to truly be all white. Incorporate other colors, like warm neutrals, to enhance your home’s inviting atmosphere. In this living room that doubles as a dining area, Salceda pulled off the look and incorporated plenty of cozy accents.

If you have a green tree, completely dress it in white ornaments, ribbon, lights, beads, and garland. Here, Tomkat Studio also added a pair of mini white faux trees near the bottom of a big one. Take it even further with a white tree skirt and presents in white wrapping paper or boxes. If you forgo a green tree in favor of a white faux one this season, consider mixing in metallic accents to make the decor stand out.

With black accents, your white Christmas decor is sure to stand out. On a faux white tree, consider using a black-and-white striped ribbon for depth. Checkered patterns and small objects, like a white vase with thin black stripes, add the perfect amount of contrast to this living room by designer Emily Henderson.

Bring an idyllic snowy setting indoors with faux snow. AdamappleLtd on Etsy sells faux snow in confetti wands, so you can easily use a few or all of them to adorn your home. Sprinkle it over a bowl filled with faux pinecones and greenery as coffee table decor, or pour some down the middle of your dining table.

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