A Modern African Boutique Arrives on St Petersburg’s Beach Drive


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– A new boutique and gallery called EnnYe will open on Beach Drive in downtown St. Petersburg next month.– The boutique focuses on African prints and contemporary designs in fashion.– The store also features home decor and sculptures from Zimbabwe artisans.– The owner, Matipa Mutsemi, selects artsy contemporary African prints for her fashion pieces, avoiding prints that have sacred or specific meanings.– Mutsemi, originally from Zimbabwe, moved to the US to study law before opening the boutique in St. Petersburg with her sister.– EnnYe repurposes leftover print patterns for home decor items and pays tribute to the Shona people and their stone art.– The boutique’s grand opening is scheduled for August 4th.

A new boutique and gallery featuring prints and fashion with African roots will open on downtown St. Petersburg’s Beach Drive next month.

EnnYe is a fashion boutique that focuses on African prints and contemporary designs, said owner Matipa Mutsemi. The shop already had a soft opening but will have a grand opening on Aug. 4.

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The store at 300 Beach Drive NE has three main components: the primary being fashion, then home decor and sculptures from Zimbabwe artisans.

“The African prints that I pick are very artsy contemporary. Some prints are sacred or designated for certain things. … Some prints represent funerals of officials and community leaders, then I don’t touch that,” said Mutsemi.

The 41-year-old fashion designer was born in Zimbabwe. She moved to the U.S. to study law in Miami before moving to Washington, D.C. In 2020, before the pandemic, she moved to St. Petersburg and wanted to set up a boutique with her sister Mercy Nyamangwanda.

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“Every time I would visit (Zimbabwe), I would buy fabric and try to make pieces that suit our lifestyles. Like for me, it was going to work. If I wore an African print dress and still put on my jacket to show up to court, that was something that I wanted to do,” Mutsemi said.

At EnnYe, which is named after the owners’ mother, leftover print patterns are repurposed for home decor items, such as throw pillow covers, blankets, wall art and benches.

EnnYe is a contemporary African fashion boutique opening on 300 Beach Drive NE in downtown St. Petersburg.

Inside the store, Mutsemi said she wanted to pay tribute to her culture of the Shona people and their famous stone art. EnnYe has a stone sculpture gallery featuring works that can be up to 36 inches tall by Zimbabwean artisans.

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The gallery also has art…

EnnYe, a new boutique and gallery, is set to open next month on downtown St. Petersburg’s Beach Drive. Owned by Matipa Mutsemi, EnnYe focuses on African prints and contemporary designs. Although it has already had a soft opening, the boutique will have its grand opening on August 4th.

Located at 300 Beach Drive NE, EnnYe offers three main components: fashion, home decor, and sculptures from Zimbabwe artisans. Mutsemi carefully selects African prints that are artsy and contemporary, avoiding prints that hold sacred or specific meanings. For example, prints representing funerals of officials and community leaders are not used in the boutique.

Mutsemi, a 41-year-old fashion designer born in Zimbabwe, initially moved to the U.S. to study law in Miami before settling in Washington, D.C. In 2020, she moved to St. Petersburg with the intention of opening a boutique alongside her sister, Mercy Nyamangwanda.

EnnYe takes pride in repurposing leftover print patterns for various home decor items, including throw pillow covers, blankets, wall art, and benches. Mutsemi believes in minimizing waste and finds creative ways to utilize the prints that may not be as popular as dresses or clothing items.

The store also pays homage to Mutsemi’s cultural heritage, particularly the Shona people and their renowned stone art. EnnYe features a stone sculpture gallery showcasing works by Zimbabwean artisans. These sculptures can reach heights of up to 36 inches, adding a unique and authentic touch to the boutique.

EnnYe’s name is a tribute to the owners’ mother, and the boutique aims to celebrate and share African culture through its fashion and decor offerings. Mutsemi’s personal experiences and love for African prints have influenced the boutique’s vision, ensuring that each piece reflects her unique style and perspective.

With its upcoming grand opening, EnnYe hopes to become a go-to destination for individuals seeking contemporary African fashion and home decor. The boutique’s commitment to showcasing Zimbabwean artisans and promoting sustainable practices sets it apart in the St. Petersburg fashion scene.

As EnnYe prepares to welcome customers to its Beach Drive location, it invites individuals to explore and appreciate the beauty of African prints and contemporary designs. Whether it’s a vibrant dress, a statement home decor piece, or a captivating stone sculpture, EnnYe offers a diverse range of products that embody the rich cultural heritage of Africa.


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