Cancer to Leo: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Adore the Outdoors And Hate Working from an Office Cubicle


It’s not surprising that many star signs are nature enthusiasts because they particularly enjoy being near bodies of water. The reeks, lakes, beach, water, and cool breeze offer them time to reflect on life. So, even when it comes to things like tolerating terrible weather, bug infestations, or predators in the wild, these star signs will put up with it for the joy of being outdoors. They respect nature and have an appreciation for it as part of their zodiac personality. But due to their love for the outdoors, some of these signs find it hard to work in a traditional office environment. Take a look at who they are:

1.       Cancer

Cancers enjoy spending time outdoors and incorporating nature into their office space. It may be a small vase of flowers, some succulents, a bush, or even a shrub by the door. Cancer adores going hiking by a river and collecting items from the route. Their ideal day would be a picnic in the woods where they would play music on their chosen instrument in nature. The ambient sounds from a forest would help them infuse productivity into their work. They are so one with nature that they decorate their homes with pieces of it or make objects out of the stuff they collect while exploring the seashore. For Cancer, it comes naturally. Hence, they struggle with corporate offices in skyscrapers. Their productivity may face an all-time low if they are working from a windowless room.

2.       Aquarius

Aquarians are the type of folks who really must spend time in nature at least a few times a week. People born under the sign of Aquarius enjoy hiking and exploring. This air sign spends a lot of time contemplating random thoughts that run through their mind when they are outdoors. While they are boxed in a work cubicle, they may feel suffocated and hope to escape to the woods where it is easier for them to organize their ideas and formulate strategies. Aquarians are also quite active in environmental groups that try to safeguard the world from global warming. An Aquarius gives back to nature and does their part to protect all forms of life on earth. They feel stifled in desk jobs and are usually suited to being park rangers, zoologists, or veterinarians.

3.       Leo

Leos are extremely concerned with the environment and do everything in their power to reduce their carbon imprint. Norway’s snowy vistas or a camp in Spain might be the setting from where Leo may work the best. Even though they wish to chase success in life, they prefer being travel coordinators, camp instructors, and even chefs at a remote resort in hill stations as opposed to a desk job. Leo enjoys being outside and in nature, as the greenery aids them in finding their creative best and focusing on what matters. They will look to the outdoors for solace when they are experiencing emotional upheaval. They sometimes tend to feel tense in an office environment that is devoid of natural sunlight, breeze, and greenery.

4.       Sagittarius

Even though Sagittarius people enjoy high-pressure work environments, making new friends, and learning about different skills; they must always include nature in their life. They will put a kayaking trip on their agenda if they are on a vacation as opposed to relaxing in a spa. Even plain bad luck like getting lost in the wilderness or forgetting to pack a compass, doesn’t bring down their mood. They will also make a point of visiting any famous beaches while they are on any work retreat. The natural wonder that is nature at its best is something that Sagittarians don’t want to miss. So, when Sagittarians sign up for a job where they are working in a warehouse all day or staring at their computer screens in a law office, they tend to feel bored. They are passionate about the environment and enjoy being outside.

Many of these signs are interested in taking action to save the earth and safeguard its resources. The natives of these zodiac signs hope to contribute to the preservation of nature for the benefit of future generations. They would happily spend all their free time amid wildlife and pursue hobbies that bring them close to nature. Adding an element of outdoor exploration to their day helps them get more productive when they return to their work day after a brief break as well.

Disclaimer: These attributes are generic and may not necessarily hold true for you.

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