Females working from home and artistic field enjoys highest grades today. Be ready to mould your thoughts as per the new opportunities to grow in future. Think practical and avoid partnerships. You will meet a social support who can resolve legal or official issues but stay away from taking monetary help. Designers, sportsperson, actors, builders and politicians should think twice before accepting new projects as otherwise will face defame. Please avoid using leather products to enhance attraction. Worship Lord Surya and tie a red thread around wrist of the right hand.

MASTER COLOUR: Yellow and blue

LUCKY DAY:  Sunday


DONATE: Sunflower seeds in temple


Wear chandan on forehead to start your day. Its a supportive day full of property and luxury. Homemakers should host a gathering and welcome the positive energy of the guests. Partnership firms will be more successful than sole proprietors. A romantic day to turn your feelings into permanent relation. Business commitments will be completed with some delays. Avoid travel. Distributor, politicians, lawyers, retailers, educationists, doctors and jewellers must be careful while signing papers.


LUCKY DAY:  Monday

LUCKY NO:  2 and 6

DONATE: Curd in temple or a needy


Plant a banana tree and offer sugar water or curd always. Your creativity, flexibility, academic knowledge, physical appearance, and your magical words will successfully establish permanent attraction on others. You will be fortunate whenever you demonstrate your personality as its highly attractive and charming. Yoga trainers, educationists, marketing and sales guys, musicians, designers, students, news anchors, politicians, actors, artist, housewives, hotelier and writers will benefit in career today.

MASTER COLOUR: Orange and blue

LUCKY DAY: Thursday 

LUCKY NO:  3 and 1

DONATE: Yellow rice in temple 


Use ground objects in decor and keep a Tulsi ji plant inside home. You work perfectly as a part of a system, therefore making a great bureaucrat. You will always enjoy your number when working with government or giant brands. Its money making day from new sources or new idea. Business like brokers, construction, machinery, metals, software and pharmaceutical must avoid signing agreement today. Excellent money management fills your life with less loss more gains, also beautiful experience of being proud father.

MASTER COLOUR: Blue and grey

LUCKY DAY Tuesday 


DONATE: Two coconuts in temple 


Avoid electric items at the center of the house. Perform rituals of Lord Ganesha today to seek his blessings. You should start walking bare feet on green surface all mornings to keep fitness high. Strong social network will give support today to enhance fame and career growth. Avoid falling in confusions and take major decisions on property investment with your own will. Sportsperson and travellers have to wait for the best to come.

MASTER COLOUR: Green and white

LUCKY DAY:  Wednesday 


DONATE: Tulsi plant in temple or a friend


Offer mishri to Lord Krishna and Goddess Radhe to seek their blessing specially in relationships. The day demands to work with flexible hours. Working from home or working online is recommended today. It’s a best combination that bring high growth and achievements in career. You will be extremely lucky for having affection, as a team leader, community leader, care and appreciation from all. Sportsperson, defence officers, software engineers, homemakers, teachers jewellers, actors, jockeys and doctors to go for displaying their skills as the day turns lucky for them. Parents will feel honoured with children’s performance and thank God.

MASTER COLOUR: Blue and yellow

LUCKY DAY:  Friday 


DONATE: Steel vessel to ashrams


Offer milk and curd abhishek to Lord Shiva all Mondays to see his blessings. Learn to bend down and understand the feelings of others. It is now necessary to open the arms and welcome the suggestions of others. Although you prefer a small group to work with, today you will get to increase the need of peers. You will also be able to throw great impression on boss with unique performance. Relationship between couples will rise high with trust and respect. Can sign documents today without delays and audits. But it’s a great day for those working in healing, motivation, occult science, spirituality schools, farming, grains. Business relations will be healthy as long as you are applying softness in speech.

MASTER COLOUR: Orange and Blue 

LUCKY DAY:  Monday 


DONATE: Books and stationery material in ashrams 


Keep a crystal quartz in the working table. To reduce aggression in nature, you are recommended to serve stray animals. The bigger is the brand the higher is the growth for you. Remember to be attentive for new opportunity and new relations. Transactions in business will be successful and profitable. Agreements or interviews must be carried on without delays. Spending time to attend family events or friends party is likely to happen today. One of the best combinations today to enhance social network and trust in love relations. Avoid non-veg food and liquor.


LUCKY DAY:  Friday 


DONATE: Drinking Water to cattle 


Wear red and carry a red mobile cover to fetch the energy of planet Mars. You will more relaxed and prosperous today as the problems are heading towards end. People from teaching, law, counselling and finance industry will see new heights. Day full of hopes for artists. A beautiful day to approach old friends or peers to gain power in business or job as a great reply is awaited. Must wear red to start the day. It’s a day to share your marriage plan with the family as their support will make future easier. Please control expenditures and adopt veg citrus meal in diet.


LUCKY DAY Tuesday 

LUCKY NO: 9 and 6

DONATE: Watermelon to poor 

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