This year, Libra season runs from September 22, 2022, until October 23, 2022. There’s a lot to explore about the Libra archetype: their charm, intellect, spirituality, dating habits, and so on. Whether your sun is in Libra or you have a Libra moon or ascendant—or you’re simply interested in getting to know someone who has Libra placements—read on!

How to Spot a Libra

Stylish, intelligent, considerate: What’s not to love about Libra? They are ruled by the planet of love, Venus, and can be easy to spot because they often have a gaggle of people around them! 

Libra is the sign of balance. Whether they’re balancing several shopping bags on their arms, balancing their busy social calendar, or weighing the pros and cons of a situation, Libra is often juggling a lot. Libra rules the butt and hips, an area of the body that determines posture and stride, and they might even be posturing in a more philosophical way, like taking a diplomatic stance.

There can be symmetry to their appearance, physically. Libras often wear well-considered outfits: They put thought into their appearance when they have the chance, dressing to match any occasion to the best of their ability. Some may accuse Libra of being vain or shallow, but to do so would underestimate the intelligence behind the looks they put together.

Even if they’re doing a cozy look, Libra is somehow effortlessly fashionable. Libra supermodel Bella Hadid, for instance, has said that when she gets dressed, she needs to feel comfortable in whatever it is she wears. Cardi B used to post Instagram videos of getting dressed and ready to go out. Avril Lavigne, another Libra style icon, inspired Hot Topic trends.

Libras are Smart

Libra is a cardinal air sign, meaning it’s the first sign of the season; in this case, autumn. Air is the element associated with intellect, communication, and community. Cardinal signs are initiators and leaders, and Libra is often at the center of any social scene or social cause community. “Cardinal,” being a leader, and “air,” being thought, could simply be translated to “thought leader!”

As one example, enlightenment philosopher Denis Diderot, born October 5, invented the French encyclopedia as a way to democratize thinking, at a time when science was becoming secularized. According to Diderot, he worked on the encyclopedia to “change the way people think.” As a cardinal sign, Libra signifies change, through the change of seasons, and, again, air is the element associated with thought. Simply put: Libras change the way people think, leading the world with their ideas.

Libra is open-minded but has high conviction about their ideas: They can be difficult to sway once they’ve made their mind up very confidently. There are also some extreme, radical thinkers and notorious war hawks born under this sign. Their opinions can be esoteric, but they ultimately want the last word; Libras like to make the call, and their thoughts can pack a punch.

Libras can be meta. They like to share ideas about ideas, especially those that are about the origins of evil, laws, and power. Nietzche, Foucault, Hannah Arendt, and her teacher Martin Heidegger are all Libra suns whose ideas have shaped the world’s understanding of justice, power, and morality.

bell hooks, the author and Black feminist philosopher who coined the term “cultural appropriation” (around the time that Libra rapper Eminem was at the height of his career), is another Libra sun. She penned All About Love, a book on relationships with the most Libra title in her body of work. In it, she writes, “there can be no love without justice,” which makes us wonder whether she was into astrology! Libra is the sign of justice, and it’s ruled by Venus, the planet of love.

Libras are All About Justice

Being just requires understanding a story from all perspectives and contexts, and processing this information requires focus and clarity: Libra’s brainpower is a force to be reckoned with! 

While Libras are the sign that’s most likely to play devil’s advocate, they are simply considering all sides to strengthen their own arguments and debates. They’re concerned with discovering the cold facts first… they can put their graceful spin on it once they’ve fully assessed the information!

Libra has a talent for taking information from multiple angles and smoothing those angles into a unified assessment. Libra is like a democratic process: People living very separate lives vote, in some way, for their own interest, then Libra brings the results to a calculated harmony.

Libra might often be caught in the middle of conflict, becoming responsible for initiating compromises and resolutions. As seen in the judicial system, justice doesn’t mean emotional closure. A diplomatic resolution, or democracy, is not always universally satisfying, as hard as Libra may try.

Libras and Decision-making

Libras take decision-making very seriously. They can actually be extremely decisive despite their reputation for being wishy-washy! Being the sign of the scales, Libras weigh out options in order to arrive at well-informed decisions. This requires a lot of time and research that others might not have patience for, which probably has led to the “indecisive” stereotype. But sometimes they’ll avoid making a decision or continue to put it off because they want to be easygoing because they don’t want to be combative, or simply because they don’t want the responsibility to be on them—playing dumb can be smart!

Libras and Their Own Reflection

Astrologers joke that Venus-ruled Libra is vain, always staring gooey-eyed into the mirror, sighing contentedly at the marvel of their own reflection. While it’s true that some Libras, like any zodiac sign, can be vain, mirrors are an important symbol of the Libra archetype for another reason. 

Libra is the zodiac sign of relationships, and relationships can be like mirrors to ourselves. Another way we can think about mirrors is through the lens of “mirroring,” the subconscious (though sometimes consciously employed) body language where we “mirror” someone else’s posture to create a sense of familiarity and build rapport.

Mirrors also create a meta experience. The six zodiac signs before Libra (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo) deal with the discovery of the self. Libra is the first sign across the threshold of maturity, where the focus isn’t on the self but on relating with others: After having been focused on perceiving, Libra’s metaphorical mirror shines back to us how we are perceived.

Here’s another way to look at it: Prior to Libra, we get our first sense of multiplicity in the zodiac in the archetype of Gemini (a mutable, intellectual air sign), where the twins symbolize first awareness of inner dialogue, of memory and meaning-making, and of asking the world around us questions like, “why?” and “how?”

The mutable sign after Gemini is Virgo, which symbolizes the next step of mutable-intellectual maturation and integration in dialogue, where we ask ourselves “why?” and “how?” instead of posing the questions to those around us. When Libra follows, the archetype’s set-up spins from the Gemini twins chatting side-to-side to the Libra partners engaging across the table. A division takes place: A mirror brings a double, and the internal becomes external. 

Libras and Flirtation

Libras are typically masters of subtlety, wit, and mystique, but they don’t walk around all day batting their eyelashes at everyone just because they are ruled by the planet of love, Venus.

They find socializing one of life’s pleasures, and their uniquely considerate nature can be received as flirtatious. Maybe their flattery gets them far, but it’s typically sincere. Libras seem to be able to find something special in even the most haggard. They could make an ogre feel pretty; this is how they make themselves feel comfortable in settings that actually stink.

Libras and Dating

Libras enjoy the courtship process. Be gallant when you ask them out on a date and be graceful if you’re the one who has been asked. Dress up nicely and suggest going someplace special and romantic. Don’t rush the process; create an atmosphere of romance and charm.

Romancing a Libra requires a combination of being cool and even a bit detached, while still being clear in your interest. You don’t want to smother a Libra, and you want to celebrate their independence and individuality. You also want to be clear about your investment in them, and you can do that by being consistent, communicative, and straightforward. Show your interest without rushing or pressuring them.

Libras and Fun

Libras love spending time with people… it doesn’t matter who! They’re happy to invite a wildcard to a party and find a way to make everyone get along. Finding common ground between unconventional couples and crowds is entertaining to them.

They also enjoy things that use a lot of mental energy, like puzzles, experiments, and strategic games. Libras like going to museums or seeing exhibitions that give them something to think and talk about. They wouldn’t mind attending a debate.

They can get a sense of identity from their communities. Libras are happy to join clubs, classes, and organizations. Groups that have some sort of performance or recital would suit them.

Libras crave novelty; whenever there’s something strange and unusual, they’ll be there trying it out! They don’t mind being out of their element and could even enjoy ironically attending an event: They’ll be there, taking notes and questioning their existence.

Libras and Chemistry

Libras crave friendships with people with whom they can have deep and meaningful conversations. Since Libras tend to be very polite, and they often pride themselves on their tact, they’re often attracted to folks who’ll call it like they see it and speak freely and bluntly.

If you seem like you’re from the future, Libra will likely be attracted to you. They’re inspired by unique and outstanding people who are comfortable with being themselves. They also love a good trend and will flock to the freaks and fools who set them. 

They’re attracted to people who are decisive and quick-witted. Libras are very attracted to folks who aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves or for justice. Most of all, they like someone with a lot of strength and confidence.

Libras love to party, and love to be around people who enjoy celebrating life as much as they do. Being surrounded by warmth, sincerity, and generosity is always ideal. A sweaty dance floor can be one of the most obvious manifestations of this vibe. 

Libras and Friendship

Libras are stylish, witty, and have an inviting quality about them… sometimes to their chagrin! Everyone wants to be their friend, even on rare occasions when Libra isn’t looking for one.

Agreeable Libras can make friends quickly and naturally. They can seem very popular out in public, but in their personal lives, they’re selective with who they devote their time to. Developing a close friendship with a Libra takes time and patience. They have a very diverse inner circle made up of different characters who don’t necessarily all know each other.

Libras will show up for you: If you’re playing a concert or need a pal to come over while you cry over a breakup, Libra will be there! Libras value “showing up,” and they’ll do it for you, but you must do it for them, too; it’s only fair. Libras have a reputation for being lazy or flaky, and yes, they do prefer to lounge about, but if they care about you, it’s their pleasure to partner with you in whatever way. 

An immature Libra might make more plans than they can keep as a way to avoid confrontation. They learn with time that it’s more hurtful to flake than it is to admit to their friends, or to themselves, that they’re busy. Turning down an invitation is disappointing, and they might just impulsively say yes because, in their ideal world, they’d be able to be in two places at once. Libra will show up to the opening of an envelope so long as they have time on their calendar to make an appearance.

Are Libras Always Nice?

No, Libras are not always nice. In fact, they may have felt quite a bit of pressure in their lives to be the peacekeeper, the one who keeps everything smooth and easy in their social circle or family. Once they realize that it isn’t their responsibility to be the master of diplomacy in every situation, they can be quite tart, sharp, surly, or unhelpful. They can be passive-aggressive, or worse, plain aggressive, and they know how to make words sting! But mostly, Libras are kind… after all, they’re all about justice, and they care about social cohesion! For the most part, Libras believe it’s best to treat others the way they would want to be treated. But they’re only human, and they have their bad days, too.   

Libras and Art

Art, in general, is very Libra: They have a Venus-ruled motivation to analyze and model a subject, whether that means turning an experience, idea, or emotion into an object or performance, aestheticizing a concept, or constructing poetry. Taking a feeling and turning it into a painting makes it real or objective in a way that is satisfying on a soul level to Libra. 

Concepts in classical art like beauty and symmetry are Venusian, and therefore Libran, but Libras are also eager to engage with social, ethical, and philosophical aspects of art. Famous Libra artists range from makeup artists to minimalist composers. Minimalism and refinement are things that they can master through their chosen modes of creative self-expression. 

Libras can also change minds using their art, and often use their media as a way to send messages of love and peace. Peter Max, born October 19, is a pop artist who did that through his psychedelic, uplifting work. John Lennon, born October 9, wrote “Imagine,” the most popular idealistic cry for peace of our time.

Being the contrary Libra that he was, John Lennon said that he didn’t really mean all of the lyrics after he was confronted with taking responsibility for a homeless fan’s life path. “Don’t confuse the songs with your own life,” he scolded. “I’m just a guy who writes songs.” Then he invited the sheepish fan inside for tea.

Libra symbolizes the relationship between one to another, whether that’s between people, images, or materials. Robert Rauschenberg, born October 22, was a Libra painter famous for his mixed media collage technique and groundbreaking use of unconventional materials.

Some of the greatest art that Libras can make are themselves. Beauty icons, performers, actresses, and supermodels like Monica Bellucci, Brigitte Bardot, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Dita Von Teese are all interdisciplinary artists in their own right.

Libras, Home, and Family

Libras might enjoy learning about their genealogy and family history’; looking at old records of immigration, or hearing stories passed down through generations can be a grounding and regenerative process for them. They might be interested in learning about and honoring the struggles of their ancestors, which helped get Libra where they are today.

Libras cherish tradition and love to honor the past, so they feel at home in a space filled with antiques and reminders of their connection with their ancestors. They love furniture and decor that has historical significance or an elegant gravitas and invest in their home as a part of their future. 

Or maybe they’re the type that bought everything from a delivery service and set up their house to look like a lifeless boutique hotel so they can rent it as a side hustle. Even if they’re subletting their space, though, they would find a locked closet or safe to store their antiques and heirlooms.

Marie Kondo, the influential cleaner and organizer born October 9, became popular by telling her audience to only keep things that “spark joy” and to respectfully part with everything else. Libras can be intentionally minimalistic in their approach to personal space, not wanting any clutter or waste to distract them—they want to feel like they have room to grow and branch out.

Libras and Money

As much as Libras love to shop, they’re often quite lucky with receiving hand-me-downs, second-hand items, gifts, or even inheritances. They’re partly able to be minimalistic and thrifty with their spending because they receive such lovely and beautiful gifts. This gives them the ability to be resourceful and only shop whenever they’re determined to get something important. 

Libras enjoy researching how to invest their money or how to budget their cash. They enjoy making detailed spreadsheets and can use their focused control on their cash flow to get anything they want. They can be very strategic about shopping, and they have a talent for auctions. Even a Libra’s busy schedule won’t stop them from spending hours researching the best deals.

Libras and Wellness

Libras rarely forget to organize a spa day for themselves… they love a glass of spa water! Day spas, massages at the nail salon, and trips to the Hammam are not outside of their wellness routine. They’re also no stranger to jazzing up their bath time with oils and candles. It was probably a Libra who thought up those bath trays that hold your tablet and drink for you as you bathe!

Libras can take interest in researching experimental methods of boosting vitality, focus, and productivity, for example, microdosing. They like making drinkable potions, teas, and infusions for the purpose of physical and emotional wellbeing. They place health and vitality as essential parts of their daily routine: They want to swim in wellness, eat medicinal foods, and engage in physically healthy activities, and not have it be a sectioned-off part of their day. That could mean something as small as walking instead of taking a car, or carrying your shopping bags for an arm workout… they shop a lot, so this is a solid workout for them!

Most skincare trends are probably started by Libras. They probably have their dermatologist on speed dial. Libra isn’t a water sign, but they’re always moisturized and hydrated.

Speaking of water: Swimming, surfing, and other water-based activities often appeal to Libra. If they’re not in the mood to physically exert themselves (their planetary ruler, Venus, enjoys lounging), then floating tanks, thermal baths, and dips in a natural body of water can be a more elegant way to sweat. 

Libra wants to be chill, and exercise may seem too unfashionable or aggressive to them. They might rather not be seen in public wearing sports gear or jogging past brunch on a busy street. If they’re a gym member, it’ll be a luxury gym where they can use the equipment and enjoy the spa. If you see them working out, they’ll be wearing a matching outfit, well aware of how they look. They won’t be sweating—they’ll be glowing.

Sarah Nicole Pricket, a Libra, once described the only exercise routine she could get behind: an at-home ballet video. She wrote, “The difficulty is in finding a way to exercise that leaves the nerves undisturbed.” She went on to describe the posh video: “No one does anything as vulgar as count steps, begin to sweat, or smile. It is the most elegant form of at-home exercise that I have encountered, and as it will improve your balance and posture, as well as your flexibility, it is also the most Libran.” 

Their workout should be something that they can get behind philosophically, spiritually, and from a greater aesthetic perspective. If the instructor makes them cringe, they’re not going back to the class. If the gym has bad lighting, if the vibes are off, forget about it!

Libras enjoy sports that they can play socially, like tennis or basketball, where they can meet their friends for a game at the park. They might be more up for the social aspect than the competition: They’re the type to cheer for their opponents.

Exercise is also a type of multitasking that Libras engage in: For example, they may be listening to spiritual or astrological podcasts while on the treadmill. On that note, engaging in physical activity can be a source of spiritual connection for them. They may have incredible a-ha moments or connections with the divine while lifting weights, or feel ecstatic when achieving new athletic feats.

Libras and School

Libras love learning and can become very sad if they feel intellectually starved. They’re always curious about the world, endlessly questioning things, and constantly learning and changing their mind. Education is a way for them to broaden their perspective and therefore make the most well-informed and diplomatic decisions.

Languages, philosophy, comparative literature, religious studies, and anthropology can be interesting topics for Libra to learn about. They tend to find a lot of academic value in things that seem commonplace or everyday. They love to learn how to learn, and can become skilled teachers because of their understanding of knowledge. They might even find their calling as historians, archivists, or educators.

Libras and Travel

Libras are locals even when they travel to the other side of the world. They manage to leave even the shortest vacations with new friends and new local haunts that they call their own. Libras aren’t just interested in learning the language of the country they’re visiting, but learning the local slang, too. They’ll be a total insider before the flight back home! 

They might find that it’s more fun to travel to a new place if they already have a relationship with a local who can show them around. If they don’t have a friend or relative who’s from the place they’re visiting, they’ll happily consult a guidebook, YouTube video, or message board to get as much information as possible before departing. They can easily be found on a dating app trying to find a local tour guide.

They also love learning about the social etiquette common to the places they are exploring, would hate to disrespect their hosts, and would abide by any custom in order to be a good visitor. They enjoy having a travel buddy, especially if it’s someone as gregarious as they are. Libras don’t want to travel with someone who doesn’t want to mingle with locals or would say, “Can you speak English?” 

While they often travel in tandem (Libras like to do everything in tandem), they also appreciate a travel partner who can be independent, wandering off to explore before coming back with valuable insights. Libras typically bring way too many books with them on vacation. You can find them downloading audiobooks the night before a trip, or trying to find a way to convert their phone into an e-reader. They might prepare their own maps with their desired destinations. 

Libras and Settling Down

If Libras can be indecisive, does that mean they can’t settle down? Again, Libras do make decisions, and when they decide on something, they take that responsibility very seriously. So, yes, Libras can settle down if that’s the decision they make! 

When it comes to love, Libras will commit to someone who can be independent and handle confrontation as soon as it takes place. They do not like to let conflict stew for any longer than it needs to, but they’d prefer if the other party made the first move.

They would settle down in a partnership that gives them a sense of motivation and even healthy competition. While relationships should not be difficult, Libras can get bored if they feel like nothing is happening. There should always be a push toward a target in order to keep their desire alive.

When it comes to career, a Libra might have mixed feelings about settling down… they have so many different interests that they can feel grief about pursuing one over the other. It’s very unlikely that they’ll say no to material security, which can be an obstacle in taking new risks in their career.

If Libra can find a calling that is fulfilling on both a material and spiritual level, then they can make peace with settling on one career path. They can easily have many different career paths, though, and their vocation can fluctuate over their lifetime. They might have multiple jobs or practices in order to satisfy their varied interests.

Libras and Feelings

Air signs have a reputation for being cool and aloof, but Libras can have a more private emotional depth and tenderness. Because they view the world in a way that is calculated, they may experience their emotions as more objective than fluctuating.

Libra holds onto emotional memories tightly. Even after forgiveness is granted, which is often a quick process for Libra, they still carry a record. Being intellectual air signs, Libra can find journaling to be a helpful practice. Somatic practices and physically engaging with where emotion is stored in the body can encourage them to transform and fully digest their grief. Getting out of their head and into their body is an important practice for Libra.

Libras and Spirituality

Silent retreats or private sanctuaries can be spiritually expansive places for Libras. Camping, or other monastic places to escape the excess and saturation of the modern world, can help them connect with their unconscious mind and its connection to a higher power, or the collective unconscious, whatever they believe.

Much like having an angel and devil sitting on their shoulders, Libras have a strong connection to their conscience. They can dodge FOMO or fear of making the wrong decision by listening to their reassuring and very informed inner voice. 

Through meditation and silence, Libra can connect with this voice, which is their ultimate source of right and wrong. Through knowledge of their own conscience, Libra can access what Nietzche would call “moral relativism,” the theory that there is no objective good and evil, and it’s up to the individual to intuitively know what’s right.

Spending time away from outside influences, constant streams of information, and invitations to parties can put Libra in the position to tune into their conscience. They can figure out what they believe in when there’s no one around to satisfy but themself!


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