Decorate Your Home Based on Celebrity Astrology Zodiac Signs


There’s no shortage of design inspiration on the internet. If you want to decorate your home like an English countryside cottage or a Palm Springs midcentury ranch, there is an abundance of Pinterest boards and YouTube home tours for that. I’ve personally saved countless photos and videos over every app that encapsulate what my dream home could look like one day. But whenever I open my saved Instagram folder of inspiration images, I’m filled with anxiety as I’m confronted with a barrage of styles and pieces that I couldn’t possibly recreate in my small apartment. I’m going to assume I’m not the only one who gets overwhelmed when trying to visualize a new home or redecorating a current one. So, to make it simpler, why not take some design queues by looking at your Zodiac sign?

Obviously, not all sun signs are going to decorate the exact same way, but your sign could help you prioritize what’s important. A Taurus might want to focus on obtaining nice kitchenware and having sturdy appliances, while a Libra might be more into getting great art to hang on their walls. Virgos will appreciate order and simplicity so they don’t get overwhelmed (if you couldn’t tell, I’m a Virgo) and Leos will like a bit of flashy glamour in their homes.

So let’s make it even simpler by specifically looking at celebrities who share the same sign as you. If you’re a Scorpio, you could draw inspiration from Kendall Jenner’s serene L.A. home while a Gemini could take notes from Troye Sivan’s airy Melbourne pad. Sure, celebrities get the benefit of interior designers and big budgets, but their homes are a great place to look for guidance when the idea of getting a new lamp or changing up your shelving can bring you to tears (hopefully this is not just me).

Additionally, if you’re looking to renovate or move, 2022 could be a great time to do it. This year, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good luck, meets up with Neptune, the planet of dreamy visions and fantasies, in the creative, magical sign of Pisces. This is a perfect time for thinking big and making your dream home a reality. Who knows, maybe you can manifest your own Mediterranean villa or Malibu cliffside mansion.


Aries are known for being a bit fiery and boisterous, so it’s good for them to have a place to chill out. Big Sean, an Aries, curated his home to encourage maximum relaxation. But this sign also knows how to have fun, so they need to have space for an impromptu rager, like Sean’s in-home club that he inherited from fellow fire sign, Slash. Aries just need to watch out for being impulsive when making design decisions—Sean decided to put in a window in his kitchen that ended up cutting into a necessary structural beam. Aries would also benefit from big statement pieces and visible vision boarding—if they want it and have the confidence and drive to achieve it.


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