Dhanteras 2022 things to buy as per your Zodiac sign apart from gold and silver


Dhanteras 2022: While you buy Gold, Silver or other itmes this Dhanteras remember they align with you zodia sign. This article brings some specific things you should try buying or avoid, according to your respective zodiac sign.

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Dhanteras 2022: Leave Gold And Silver, Here’s What To Buy On Dhanteras As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Dhanteras 2022: Dhanteras, known as Dhanatrayodashi as people worship Lord Dhanvantari and Goddess Lakshmi, marks the beginning of the five-day-long festivities for Diwali. ‘Dhan’ means wealth and ‘teras’ means the thirteenth day of the moon cycle and it is considered auspicious to invest in gold and silver, in the form of jewellery and utensils on this day.

Almost all of us follow the tradition of buying these things, be it a precious metal like gold, silver, or any utensil and a broom. But do you know that there are certain items you can buy based on your zodiac sign?



People under this sign should avoid buying items such as chemicals, iron or leather. They should instead buy diamond jewellery, gold and silver coins and utensils.


This sign should avoid buying leather, oil, wood and vehicles. They can buy diamonds, gold, silver, bronze and utensils. These people can also go ahead with buying sandalwood and saffron to invite good luck.


It is best time for Gemini to purchase Pukhraj, gold and silver, and buy property like a house or land and furniture.


Cancerians should avoid investing in gold and in the share market at this moment. They should also give away with purchasing items in their name, rather they should do it in their family’s name.  However, if you want to buy your children anything new, now is a good time.


The Lion can buy vehicles, utensils made of wood, electronics, real estate, and gold, silver and bronze. But they should avoid buying items made of cement, iron, or any items containing these materials.


People under this zodiac sign must avoid wearing new white clothes and should not buy gold, silver, or diamonds. They can however buy land, gadgets and electronic items.


Librans must wait before they invest large amounts of money or buy gold or diamonds right now. If you want to purchase an item, buy it in the name of another family member who is not a fellow Libran.


Scorpions should not invest in large property shares or make any major monetary exchanges during this time. They can buy gold, silver, pottery, clothes, and goods made from iron. Also be very careful while buying branded items.


This festival, Sagittarians can purchase land, precious metals, stones, and diamonds. Any purchase you make is auspicious for you.


You can benefit from buying anything during this festival – land, metals, utensils, clothes. Even ancestral commodities are auspicious for you.


For people born under the Aquarius sign, you can buy books, electronic items, home decor, and furniture. This is also a good time to invest but avoid any fixed assets.


Pisceans can buy gold, silver, precious stones and metal items. They should buy any items they want except for share investment. This is a bad omen.

Published Date: October 21, 2022 9:52 AM IST

Updated Date: October 21, 2022 9:53 AM IST


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