Home decor items that attract positive energy

Vaastu Shastra is a traditional practice that has been carried out in India since ancient times or we can say it exists since we know humanity. Taking care of the right direction and placement of certain items in home can change the aura of a place. Have a look at some things that can attract positivity at home.
1. Peacock Feather
Whenever you visit your relatives, friends or family, you must have noticed peacock feathers there. This is because according to Vaastu, it is auspicious to keep it at home, as its vibrant colours spark positivity and symbolise spirituality and harmony. This is the reason why Lord Krishna always had peacock feathers on his head.
2. Shree Yantra or Shree Chakra
It is a sacred and auspicious geometric-shaped yantra in Hinduism, which people consider has a great impact when placed accurately and precisely. This element basically comes into use when you have some sort of financial issue. Shree yantra is associated with fortune and is believed to bring wealth and opportunity to your house, but you need to take care of its placement, ideal direction is east.
3. Money Plant
Believe me or not, you can spot this plant in almost every Indian household. This is because this plant is considered a great source of positivity and fortune. Also, as the name suggests, a money plant is believed to bring wealth. According to Vaastu principles, ideally, it should be placed at the north entrance of the house or in the south-east direction.
4. Wind Chimes
Every 90s kids and Gen Z kids have spotted this element in their house. People believe that its soothing sound brings positive energy to the house and purifies that certain space. They can be placed anywhere but the ideal placement area can be the entrance.
5. Idols of God/Goddess
Idols play an important role in Hinduism, people worship their god in the form of idols. Usually, keeping idols of any god is auspicious, but there are some ranges of idols that you should not keep at your home. This includes idols of gods are aggressive like Maa Kali, idols made up of iron or metal, and idols facing each other. These all are sources of negativity. Generally, while placing the rest of them keep a note in direction, i.e., no idol face in the southwards direction.
6. Statue of Lord Buddha
He is the reflection of peace. Keeping his statue at home can ultimately bring peace and adorability to your life. These statues are known for eradicating negative energy. East is the ideal direction for the placement of the statue.


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