How the Taurus Full Moon Eclipse Will Impact Each Sign


Lunar eclipses typically occur twice a year and are considered one of the more dramatic astrological events in our galaxy’s cycle. As the Sun and Moon face off in our skies while aligning with the nodes of fate, you may notice an increase in tension, exhaustion, and sudden changes. It is believed that major life shifts are triggered by this cosmic climate and can result in anything from breakups to commitments to lost jobs and new careers. Whether these transitions are easy or harsh will vary amongst each person, though astrologers across the board agree that everyone can expect the unexpected. With this Full Moon eclipse taking place in Taurus on November 8, major themes around building new foundations will come into play. An element of destruction will also linger in the air. While new doors may suddenly appear, these fresh journeys will come with a cost, requiring you to let go of something in order to move forward.

When looking at the anatomy of a lunar eclipse, it helps to understand that the Moon represents our emotions, and the Sun has affiliations with the ego. Your heart and sense of self may suddenly be at odds, threatening to trigger an identity crisis. Feeling torn about what you want could cause you to lose interest in what you’ve built leading up to this point, especially if your life has become too mundane or predictable. Cosmic fuel will be added to this internal fire as Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus throw their two cents into the mix, which could cause you to feel trapped in your situation or desperate for excitement. Though everyone tends to get a little restless from time to time, the energy at play could result in self-destructive behaviors if you lean into any impulsive whims that find you. Standing still will be a difficult pill to swallow, while understanding that smooth transitions happen on their own time could also be hard to accept.

With the Taurean energy at play, money matters will also weigh heavily on your mind. Understanding your worth will be an important theme right now, and you may want to analyze if you’re being properly compensated for your labor. Similar sentiments will apply to your most intimate entanglements, though your mind could begin to play tricks on itself. If you start to feel as if your partner isn’t giving you the love and adoration you deserve, it might be time to examine the situation from their shoes. Redirecting the microscope toward yourself can help you avert relationship disaster. However, you’ll need to take accountability if you’ve been slacking within the dynamic. Ultimately, you may need to make a decision as to whether or not it’s worth fighting for your current partnerships, both professional and romantically.


It’s time to examine where you place value, dear Aries, as the Scorpio Full Moon eclipse manifests in your solar second house. Your sense of stability could be unexpectedly rocked by this luminary event, threatening to knock you off your pedestal. Though upheaval might seem like a random bout of bad luck, it’s more likely that our mysterious universe is trying to send you a message. Pay attention to who is there for you when the chips are down, while taking note of who is not. You may also want to revisit past experiences that left you high and dry, with the intention to acknowledge and appreciate those who helped you regain your footing.

Power struggles are also likely to manifest during this time, especially when it comes to your community and online relationships. Brace yourself for tense arguments in cyberspace, but try not to feed any trolls who pop up in your feed. Political disputes will be particularly intense, but don’t feel guilty about blocking or unfollowing anyone who has a habit of posting content you find to be offensive or triggering.

When it comes to working with this energy productively, you need look no further than your bank account. Use this energy to take a closer peek at your monthly expenses, unsubscribing from any streaming platforms, apps, or services that you no longer use. Padding your savings account will also score you good credit karma within both the material and ethereal realms, and the stars will find ways to reward your good financial sense. However, it’s also acceptable to dip your toe in the pool of luxury, as long as you don’t blow your budget in the process.


The vibe will be equal parts fruitful and destructive right now, dear Taurus, asking you to make personal observations about who keeps you grounded and brings stable energy into your life. With the Scorpio Sun shining brightly on the sector of your chart that governs partnerships, it will be more important than ever that you’re making smart choices around whom you invest your time and energy into. Meanwhile, emotionally eruptive dynamics will become more tumultuous than usual during this lunar event, a cycle that is likely to continue throughout the next six months.

Though every bull will find themselves in a unique position, it’ll be important to acknowledge your role in each of your valued relationships. Partners who feel underappreciated may suddenly decide to air these grievances, throwing you for an emotional and conversational loop. Because harsh words could cause your heart to take a hit, it would be worth remembering that the heightened tension during this eclipse is liable to make people speak more harshly than they usually would, and that venom spewed in your direction may not be a reflection of how someone feels most of the time. Accountability will play a key role in ironing out such rifts, and saying sorry will likely require an explanation as well.

When it comes to your personal sense of balance, you should take a moment to consider how your professional ambitions have been impacting your self-care and downtime. If you’re at a point in your career where you can’t ease the reins, cutting back on your social life may be the key to maintaining your sanity and sense of self. While it’s no fun to admit that you don’t have as much time to party with your companions, maturity and success often come with such sacrifices.


The stars will force you to face your shadow, dear Gemini, as the Taurus Full Moon eclipse lights up the sector of your chart that governs the subconscious. Behaviors that you should have outgrown will suddenly become unacceptable to others as the universe and your loved ones push you toward change. It’ll be important that you examine your current situation while taking accountability for the role you’ve played in both the good and bad aspects of your existence. Accountability will be a major theme for you during this astrological event, and you won’t be able to hide from your actions.

Drama could brew if you’ve been concealing actions or engaging in sketchy behaviors, as Lady Luna seeks to illuminate hidden truths. These same sentiments will apply to the people around you, though you shouldn’t go snooping for information you’re not ready to face. The answers to your questions will come with ease; however, you might not like what is revealed to you. On the plus side, these shifts will allow you to navigate the future with all the facts, even if they are unsettling at first.

When all is said and done, the best thing you can do for yourself right now is to lie low, bide your time, and observe. It won’t serve you to force your agenda or assume center stage, as these vibes ask you to fly under the radar. Give yourself space to do some soul-searching so you can make adjustments to your plans if needed. Just remember that true evolution often comes with a reality check or two, making it important that you’re willing to face the music and do the work.


You may feel the sudden urge to tear down and rebuild your online image, dear Cancer, as the Scorpio Full Moon eclipse activates your solar 11th house. This cosmic climate will ask you to take a critical view of your digital presence, especially if you’re hoping to carve out a name for yourself within a particular subculture, community, or profession. Run with the energy at play by deleting immature posts from your youth, blurry photos, or social media pages that you no longer feel connected to, wiping out pieces of the past that you’d rather not share with the world.

Though you’ll certainly be busy combing through photos, friend lists, and your online trail, you should also take time to consider what you hope to replace these blank spaces with. While you shouldn’t feel pressured to publish a cute selfie or profound thoughts on this very day, it might be worth contemplating what your long-term message looks like and how to refine your internet persona. Creating a schedule that will allow you to create content in large batches will help you better curate what lands on the interwebs, and putting more effort into the details of your pictures can help boost your engagement.

While your mind will drift to your devices throughout the day, it’ll be just as important that you find ways to engage with the material realms. The Taurean energy at play will ask you to embrace the real world, making it the perfect time to sign up for a class, check out a new local restaurant, or head to yoga. Finding balance between cyberspace and your surroundings will be the key to thriving throughout the next six months, so be sure to head outside for some relaxation in nature.


Though many signs will complain about feeling more exhausted, sensitive, or irritable than usual, you’ll be in a cool and composed state as the Scorpio Full Moon eclipse manifests in your solar 10th house. This luminary placement will cause you to see things from a more logical perspective, making it easier for you to intellectualize the emotions of yourself and the people around you. Take pleasure in the fact that this cosmic climate will have a stabilizing effect on your heart, but try to keep in mind that not everyone will be in such a relaxed headspace.

You’ll need to tread lightly when it comes to navigating the feelings of others, lest your loved ones accuse you of being cold. While you won’t have much patience for petty drama that doesn’t concern you, it would be a mistake to discredit the sorrow or hurt feelings of the people around you. It’s okay if you don’t have the bandwidth to help your friends and family unpack their hearts and minds, but try not to write them off completely if they turn to you for comfort, and opt instead to politely draw a boundary.

The one thing that will stir your heart right now is the idea of professional success and how you can make your mark on this world. Major themes around building for the future will come into play. You’ll also need to acknowledge when you’ve hit a dead end. Rather than battling obstacles that never seem to dissipate, it might be time to explore new options, even if you feel emotionally attached to your colleagues. Don’t let your sentimental side hold you back, or you may never reach the level of achievement you desire and deserve.


Good fortune will find you during the Scorpio Full Moon eclipse, darling Virgo, as Lady Luna shines brightly in the spiritual sector of your chart. The other side will pull out the big guns to lay blessings in your path, but that doesn’t mean the payoffs will be instant. Smart planning and consistent dedication to your agenda will be the key to manifesting your dreams, so be sure to set intentions around goals you feel completely devoted to and are unlikely to get bored of.

You’re one of the most hardworking and efficient dreamers in the zodiac, and during this astrological event, one of the luckiest as well. Unfortunately, you could get in your own way by biting off more than you can chew, potentially causing you to skip important steps along your journey. While it’s possible to meet almost any goal you set right now, do yourself a favor, and take an honest look at your situation, measuring how much time, energy, and focus it will take to usher your fantasies into reality.

While hypothesizing on your next bold move, it might be wise to analyze the people who have reached the level of success you covet, taking into account their work ethic and daily habits. There are certainly exceptions to every rule, but most people in this world who have made headway in their careers got there by working hard to excel within their field. Personal goals should have a realistic and distinct outline so that you can follow steps to get where you want to be.


You won’t be in the mood to make space for people who bring complicated energy into your life, dear Libra, as the Taurus Full Moon eclipse illuminates the sector of your chart that governs transformation and deep bonds. This cosmic climate can make or break your relationships as you’re pulled to acknowledge who is and is not adding to your overall well-being. A sudden clarity will fill your psyche, helping you decipher which connections are healthy or toxic. An impatience for drama can help you make a clean break from anyone who has a history of pushing your buttons, though you’ll want to be certain you’re done with such connections, as the dynamic will be hard to rebuild once you’ve severed ties.

On a personal level, this luminary event will seek to make you stronger, helping you stand on your own two feet as a confident powerhouse. An ability to see your strengths will cause you to feel less reliant on validation from others, accentuating the idea that you need to make space only for supportive allies. However, a nostalgic element could come into play, making it difficult to break free from people who have been part of your life for many years. While it’s okay to keep around companions who have known you since your formative years, you will need to make adjustments by setting boundaries.

A desire for personal evolution may inspire you to change up your image, though a harsh T-square between the Sun, Moon, and Saturn could leave you feeling stuck on how to orchestrate fresh aesthetics. Financial restrictions may also hinder your ability to invest in a new wardrobe. Getting creative can help you make the most with what you’ve got. Consider investing some time researching DIY projects for clothes and accessories, with the intention of breathing new life into your older items.


You’ll feel this lunar eclipse strongly, dear Scorpio, as the Taurus Full Moon opposes your sign. This cosmic climate can either make or break your sense of balance as the stars conspire to jolt you toward a more harmonious existence. Though you may feel used to a certain way of living, red flags will emerge when it comes to people or situations that are particularly trying, grating at your patience for such dynamics. You’re one of the more adaptable members of the zodiac, but living your life only to meet the expectations of others will no longer seem like an option.

Your sassier side will come out to play right now, especially when it comes to relationships that leave you feeling emotionally or mentally depleted. People-pleasing won’t feel like an option. Pay special attention to your mood and mannerisms, taking care not to lash out at anyone who doesn’t deserve to feel your wrath. Frustrations with one unhealthy connection could poison your stable dynamics, making it important that you avoid self-destruction via pushing away the people who truly have your best interests at heart.

While this astrological event won’t be without its drama and tests, opportunities to bring depth to your love life could come into play. The Taurean energy floating through the cosmos will inspire you to nurture stable connections, and a desire to build with a partner could lead to new commitments. However, it would be easy to get carried away with a fantasy, making it important that you hold on to your logic, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.


A fogginess may creep into your psyche during the Taurus Full Moon eclipse, dear archer, as the Sun and Moon form a harsh T-square with restrictive Saturn. Though you’ll feel restless and eager to work toward your goals, an inability to stay focused or organized will threaten your efficiency. These sentiments could cause you to become particularly stressed and wound up, accentuating the disarray plaguing you throughout this time. Do yourself a favor, and look for ways to stay grounded, opting to take a short walk or engage in breath work any time you start to feel your shoulders rise.

The relationship with your colleagues will become more intense during this lunar event, which means you’ll want to be on your best behavior at work. Office quarrels or disagreements that have slid under the radar could suddenly take center stage, so you’ll want to stay cool if conflict arises. Should you find yourself face-to-face with a moody coworker, it may be best to give them space, even if you feel like confronting the issue.

Wellness will also play a major role in your ability to thrive right now, as Lady Luna moves through the sector of your chart that governs health. You’ll become more sensitive to substances such as nicotine, caffeine, and sugar, making it important that you monitor your reaction to such indulgences, as they could be a sign of a larger issue. Though a second cup of coffee, burning the midnight oil, or enjoying a drink at the end of each day might not always have an immediate impact, it would be worth considering how these choices add up over time. The habits you implement now will have a long-term effect on your energy levels and endurance, so be sure to make smart decisions in the name of longevity.


You’re known as one of the more bulletproof members of the zodiac, dear Capricorn, but your ego will be more sensitive than usual as the Taurus Full Moon eclipse brings chaos to your solar fifth house. Small mistakes or personal conflict will become magnified under this cosmic climate, threatening to rock your typically confident demeanor. Feeling criticized by your loved ones or colleagues will be particularly deflating, making it important that you find ways to build yourself up. Try not to take unpleasant interactions personally, keeping in mind that everyone will feel more stressed out and on edge than usual.

Loyalty is always an important value for you when it comes to your relationships, but your expectations for allegiance could get out of hand if you’re not careful. While it’s always validating to feel as if your family and friends are on your side, you shouldn’t take it as a slight if your companions aren’t willing to go down certain paths with you. Remember that you and your bestie don’t have to like or dislike the same people, as long as you get along with each other. Pushing a negative agenda won’t serve you, and trying to pull others into your drama will only push them away.

Though the stressful nature of eclipses can make dealing with others more uncomfortable or tense than usual, you can find solace by embracing a creative outlet. The artist who lives within you will come out to play during this luminary event, no matter how long it’s been since you flexed your crafting muscles. Rather than attempting to navigate the social tension at play, it may be best to lie low from home and work on a passion project. Not only will you get a chance to clear your mind, but nurturing inspiration can also help validate your pride and sense of self.


Get ready for a highly emotional day, sweet Aquarius, as the Taurus Full Moon eclipse manifests in your solar fourth house. This luminary placement will bring out the nurturer within, causing you to become more in tune with the pain and sorrow that surrounds you. While doting on your nearest and dearest will bring a certain amount of satisfaction, you may start to feel overwhelmed by the responsibility that comes with acting as a source of support for your loved ones. Whether you’re drying tears, managing meltdowns, or serving up home-cooked meals, tension could slowly build if you’re not receiving as much TLC as you’re dishing out.

Another important thing to keep in mind during this astrological event is whether you’re giving people space to think and feel as they please. A harsh T-square between the Sun, Moon, and Saturn could cause you to act more rigidly than usual, especially if you feel as though others are working against your moral code. While there’s certainly a time and place for debating politics, human rights issues, and behaviors, you should avoid taking on such topics now, or you could end up in some seriously heated encounters.

Confusion could also brew if you start to question the roots you’ve laid down for yourself or begin to feel dissatisfied with your home life. Your heart may stir at the idea of new adventure, love, or relocation, causing you to feel torn between what moves you and where your sense of stability comes from. Give yourself plenty of time and space to meditate on your situation, as this internal conflict could linger throughout the next six months.


This eclipse will be a cerebral one for you, dear Pisces, as the Scorpio Full Moon activates the sector of your chart that governs thought process. You may start to feel overwhelmed by the opinions that surround you, especially if you swim in circles with vast yet strong opinions. Avoid triggering topics that have a history of starting arguments, or major rifts could form within your social sphere. It might also be a good idea to take a break from your social media pages, opting to temporarily throw your devices to the side.

Socialization will feel more draining than usual, though your mind will be as active as ever. Consider spending your evening from the comfort of home, and opt to cozy up with a book, research new topics, or sharpen existing skills. Keeping your brain busy could be the one thing that saves you from spiraling, lest you find yourself replaying awkward conversations, obsessing over your crush, or nitpicking your own work.

Communication will also have a significant role to play in your eclipse story, making it important that you allow only the truth to escape from your lips. Promises made now but broken later will have major impacts on your relationships, and it could be near impossible to rebuild trust. On the plus side, these vibes will give you an opportunity to break away from assumptions other people make about you, and you’ll need to be patient with untangling such issues. Taking baby steps toward regaining the faith of those around you should be a priority, though you’ll need to be consistent in your ability to show that you’ve changed.

Renée Watt is a Pacific Northwest-based professional psychic, astrologer, and witch. Her mystical insights have been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and InStyle. She hosts the weekly podcast The Glitter Cast, which features celebrity ghost stories and interviews with leading professionals in her field.

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