Interior Designer Shares Biggest Mistakes People Make in First Home

  • Jordan Samson is an interior designer who gives decor advice on TikTok.
  • Samson shared with Insider the biggest mistakes people make when decorating their first home.
  • From rushing the design process to leaning into trends, these are his biggest decor red flags.

Whether you’re buying or renting, the process of decorating your first home can be an intimidating one. 

One person who knows the process well is Jordan Samson, an interior designer who shares decorating advice on TikTok. Samson has more than 64,200 followers on the social platform at the time of writing. 

Speaking with Insider, Samson shared the biggest mistakes people make when decorating their first home — and how to avoid them yourself. 

Don’t base your entire decor on one item of furniture 

Samson said one mistake that’s easily made is when clients purchase a piece of furniture and decide to decorate their home around it, rather than having a solid idea in the first place.

“I find that a lot of people will just go and pick random items, like a side table that they really like, without thinking about how it all works together,” Samson told Insider. “And that’s when it can be very challenging. I’ll have a lot of clients panicking, saying ‘I really like this, but it’s not working with this.'”

stock image of a living room

A stock image of a living room.

Benjamin C Tankersley/For The Washington Post via Getty Images

Samson said that to avoid this happening, it can be worth putting together a mood board with your dream decor before purchasing any furniture. 

Rushing the process could lead to regret

“Design is not meant to be rushed, especially nowadays with furniture sometimes taking up to a year to arrive,” Samson said. 

“I think people are starting to panic, and just sort of buying whatever is available… In two years, you’re gonna be like, ‘Why did I buy this?'” he added. 

Samson said patience is key, and recommends holding out for what you really want.

Don’t sacrifice your personal style for Instagram

Samson said that he has witnessed some people try too hard to follow trends online, rather than following their own vision. 

“Good design is when your personal style shines through. And the goal is not to recreate an Instagram post,” Samson said.

Samson said he would encourage people to consider which colors, textures, and materials they like, rather than what looks good on a screen. 

“Fill your space with objects that tell your story and not somebody else’s, and that will always be beautiful and last you so much longer than just copying someone else’s,” he added.


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