What are the most popular colours? 

“Most people tend to stick to whites or neutrals but I think you can have a lot of fun with colour. Pick a colour from the picture you are framing – using that as your mount colour can really make your painting pop.” – Anna

“A simple off white is the most popular colour for a window mount, but there are so many different types of white, so make sure to hold the options up to your artwork when you are choosing the mount to see how it matches the colours in the work. There are often tones of white within an artwork; if they clash with the mount, the mount can feel overly cool and blue or too warm and yellow, throwing off the colours within the work.” – Georgia

Can a coloured mount detract from the work? 

A coloured mount can work really well depending on the effect you’re going for. I love window mounting a work and making the frame, the spacer (the inside profile of the frame that creates a box effect) and the mount to be matching in a darker colour that you can find in the work. This makes the brighter colours within the piece really pop – try and dark green or a navy blue for this. You can also go for colours such as pinks, sandy or corals to create a softer ‘romantic’ effect on works such as portraits.” – Georgia

“Sometimes a coloured mount can wash out certain colours in the artwork and look too strong. I love going for a linen mount as it adds a bit of texture without overpowering it.” – Hettie

Do you need to factor in the colour of the wall the picture will hang on? 

“This depends. Very often moving works around and changing location can breathe new life into a room, so I wouldn’t usually take into the account the wall it is hanging on. However, if a piece is going to stay in the same spot and is destined for a specific wall, then it should definitely be considered. For example, if the wall has very decorative wallpaper, I would usually go for a simple mount, but if the wall is very stark and white, it might be fun to use a coloured mount or a black mount (depending on the artwork of course).” – Hettie

“Gone are the days of magnolia walls, so taking into account the interior scheme and wall colour can be crucial when choosing how to mount your artwork.” – Anna

Where are the best places to buy mounts? 

“From your local framer, so you can check the colour against the artwork in person. If you are looking for something particularly cost effective, then Etsy is worthwhile as there are often some great options.” – Hettie

“If you’re not getting your work professionally framed then you can buy quite a good range of mounts via EFrame.co.uk .” – Georgia 


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