Items That Are Extremely Auspicious, Know What Each Zodiac Sign Should Buy


Dhanteras falls on November 10, 2023. This day is known to bring wealth and prosperity, and on Dhanteras, the appearance of certain things is considered as auspicious as finding gold. It is believed that this resolves all financial issues.

Here are the things tat are considered auspicious:

  • Coin: If you find a coin on Dhanteras, it is considered a sign of financial gain. Keep it safely in your treasury. It ensures that poverty will never come to you.
  • Cowrie: Cowrie shells are seen as a form of the goddess Lakshmi. Finding cowrie shells on Dhanteras indicates the goddess Lakshmi’s blessings. It is believed that this will resolve your financial problems soon.
  • Eunuch: The blessing of eunuchs is considered highly auspicious. If you see eunuchs on Dhanteras, do not send them away without giving something, and if possible, ask for a coin from them. It is said that this attracts the presence of Goddess Lakshmi in your home.
  • White Cat: A white cat is considered auspicious. If you see a white cat on Dhanteras, it is believed to bring an increase in your good fortune, and your work will proceed smoothly.
  • Lizard: If you see a lizard on Dhanteras, it is seen as a sign of an increase in wealth. This brings the blessings of Lord Kubera and Goddess Lakshmi to your home.

List Of Specific Items You Should Purchase Or Avoid Based On Your Zodiac Sign:


Anuradha Kapoor who is a Tarot Coach & Reader| Pranic Healer| Manifestation Guide at Parihara shared the list of items that each zodiac sign should purchase and avoid on Dhanteras.


  • To purchase silver, gold coin/coins. Kitchenware item. Diamond jewelry. Avoid purchasing iron, leather or chemicals 
  • Tarot Guidance: Be prepared to act on your instinct, take charge of situations.


  • Gold, Silver, Gems, Bronze jewelry/ coins, cooking utensils. Purchase of Saffron, sandals. Getting gifts from elderly ones/ancestor’s possessions may prove highly valuable and bring blessings with success/ prosperity. Avoid grease, leather, wood, cars.
  • Tarot Guidance: No matter is going in life stay strong, believe in yourself, connect with spirituality


  • Best to buy Pukhraj. If they are considering property deals involving land, homes it is good day to close. Furnishings, Gold & Silver. Avoid Leather, Iron, Stock market
  • Tarot Guidance: Believe in your skills, abilities, Make right decisions can shape up live for better.


  • They should consider buying items on behalf of the family members instead of themselves. Especially gift any younger in family. Avoid Gold, investing in stock market transactions.
  • Tarot Guidance: Move forward as cards suggest situations and emotions may change. 


  • Purchase automobiles, electronic devices, cooking utensils. Can gain by investing in wood, land, houses, apartments, jewelry, gold, silver,bronze. Avoid iron, cement based products also those containing these materials.
  • Tarot Guidance: Be kind to yourself. Keep patience. Maintain your strength. Stay away from arguments.


  • Invest in real estate, electronic goods, devices. Avoid gold, silver, diamonds, wearing white undergarments with new clothing
  • Tarot Guidance: Do inner reflection. Use analytical approach with awareness to make proper decisions. 


  • Buy silver regardless of circumstances. Must buy vital product under name of family relative. Avoid investing large sums of money in Gold, Diamonds.
  • Tarot Guidance : Maintain balance. Do things right for you. Selfcare and for others.


  • Buy Gold, silver, clothes, pottery are extremely fortunate. Exercise caution while purchasing branded goods, investing items with high monetary worth/property shares.
  • Tarot Guidance: Phase of transformation, Growth, Move forward with new view, goals. personal wellbeing.


  • They should take advantage of this day to consider investing in land, precious metals, gems, stones. Phase might be highly advantageous for investments, gives them success.
  • Tarot Guidance: Avoid be extreme. Be moderate, Peace within, built knowledge, understanding. Don’t rush the process.


  • Gain from any purchase. Invest in real estate, metals, Clothes, Gold will have a significance in their lives so they must purchase these items first. Family, ancestors possessions may prove to be highly valuable in any respect.
  • Tarot Guidance: Let go of power struggles, Dominant situations. Take back ones personal strength is challenging can be done.


  • Buy books of your choice, vehicles, electronics, furnishings, stunning home décor. Ideal day to invest in variety of field. Avoid from passing through any fixed assets or shares.
  • Tarot Guidance: Card of promise, hope, new beginnings. You might be in a difficult time it may change with positive approach.


  • Buy Gold, Silver, precious metals, gems or investments. This native sign is allowed to buy everything they choose. Avoid investment of stocks, stock market transactions.
  • Tarot Guidance:- Release all fears, anxiety, confusion. You can emerge by replacing the energy.


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