Items you need to get rid of now to avoid bad luck


It’s the onset of the new year and we could all make do with an ounce of positivity. One of the best ways to invite happiness and luck into your life is to learn the art of Feng shui. The ancient Chinese practice is all about arranging elements in a space to achieve the maximum flow of positive energy or ‘chi’. Now that the new year has arrived, Feng shui experts recommend a general cleansing of your house, removing the clutter to free yourself from obstacles and ties of the past. It’s famously said in Feng shui that “nothing new flows into your life until you make room for it.” And with our homes being our sanctuaries, it’s all the more important to banish the downright depressing vibes that just spell gloom. We’ve listed down the items you have to get rid of this new year for good Feng shui.

A home full of clutter creates a sense of disorder, signalling to our mind that we’re not in control of our space. And since all objects accumulate energy, you need to unload them to avoid feeling overwhelmed and being in a constant state of blues. In Feng shui, energy cleaning goes beyond your home, including other spaces where you work and live.

From broken dishes and love letters from your ex to black ceilings, age-old clothing items/ wallets and more – some items must be changed, cleaned, and renewed annually to attract good luck. Keep reading to know more!

Items you need to remove this new year for good Feng shui

Unused/ broken/ stopped clocks

broken clock
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A broken clock is said to hinder your progress and invite bad luck and failure. They symbolise a stagnant concept of time, and personal life or work will come to a halt like a clock that breaks. Many believe that a clock’s mechanism is connected to your body. A malfunctioning or stopped clock hints at the possibility of illness/ sickness. Replace broken clocks and remove unused ones for a healthier relationship with time.

Television in the bedroom

tv in bedroom
Image credit: Max Rahubovskiy/ Pexels

In Feng shui, having a TV in your bedroom spells bad luck. Having a television is like inviting a third party inside your sacred space and disrupting the intimacy between you and your partner. This habit is regarded as opening the doors to infidelity. Secondly, a turned-off television acts like a mirror, which is a big NO near your bed. A mirror or any reflective surface near the bed triggers nightmares, insomnia or sleep-related problems. The belief is that while sleeping, your soul leaves your body, and accidentally waking up to see its reflection can be unpleasant.

So if you want to improve intimacy with your partner or not be randomly startled by your own reflection in the middle of the night, discard that TV.

Shoe clutter

shoe clutter
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Moving piles of shoe clutter out of the way is a great first step into the new year. If your closets are filled with the footwear you don’t wear, it signifies your inability to move forward in life. If you’re not wearing all of your shoes, clear them from your closets and donate them to the needy. Even cluttering your shoes outside your house, in your room, or underneath your bed brings bad energy. Shoes carry strain and anxiety of your entire day and with them, you invite negativity into your space. So it’s better to organise all your shoes on a rack, placed away from the entrance and outside your room.

Objects associated with painful experiences

bad memories
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Whether it’s a gift from your former partner that you’re obsessively holding onto or a heirloom from a dear departed loved one you can’t let go of – holding items that trigger unpleasant/ sad memories is bringing negative energies to your space. To create fresh memories, you have to discard these unhappy mementoes. Find a home where these items will be loved, appreciated, and used.

Cactus and bonsai

bonsai cactus
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Cacti, with their prickly and sharp thorns, carry negative energy with them. According to Feng shui, keeping cactus at home bodes misfortune, further triggering feelings of stress and anxiety within the family. Even bonsai are not encouraged for home decor as they symbolise stunted growth and unrealised potential. Keep your house lush and positive with the greens, provided they’re non-poky. You can include a money tree, pothos or a peace lily.


Image credit: Max Letek/ unsplash

We get it that you want to cherish your big catch or big kill by displaying it on the wall, but it’s just simple, plain bad. While some of you may think that taxidermy is a way of honouring the beauty of the animal or insect, others call it bad vibes. The conversion of vital to lifeless and then holding it in a confined space spells death. It’s the same with dead flowers. It sends a signal that your house is a hellish space, where the living goes to die. And none of you would want that feeling, right?

Food past its expiry date

expired food feng shui
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A messy fridge/ kitchen space full of expired food? Clear it right away. The kitchen is a source of both health and wealth, so clearing your pantry of old packaged snacks, spices or anything past its use date is necessary. The kitchen is all about nourishment, and cluttering the space where you cook and eat with something as stagnant as spoiled food will reflect negatively on your health. And health is wealth, right?

Fix clogged drains and leaky faucets

faucet feng shui
Image credit: Sasikan Ulevik/ Unsplash

Clogged drains and leaky faucets are a direct reflection of energetic blockages. These will impact your finances, health and personal well-being. Water systems directly reflect financial viability as the water element stands for wealth and abundance in Feng shui. So when there are faulty lines, it represents the loss of precious energies. A clogged drain represents the blockage that’s stopping good health and wealth from flowing over to you. It’s time you get that plumber on speed dial!

Broken Mirrors

broken mirror feng shui
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While broken items in general should be kept away from your home, mirrors in particular can disrupt the harmony massively. Obscured, broken, bevelled, and distorted spell bad luck as they distort and fragment your vision of yourself. The distortion also breaks up the flow of good energy in your home.

Any stuff that accumulates near the front door

feng shui tips
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Keeping the entrance of your house clear is like giving a perfect introduction at your job interview – it sets the right tone from the get-go. The entryway is the mouth of your home, and when it’s blocked, it prevents opportunities from entering. Shoes, coats, bags, backpacks and whatnot clutter the main entry, reducing the positive energies your way. This energy you’re depriving yourself of can positively influence income and relationships. To declutter, store all these items in a cabinet. Not only will it bring good Feng shui, but also be an attractive addition to your home.

Some quick Feng shui tips to immerse your home with positivity

  • Try airing everything out by opening all your windows every day for some time. Dust off your blankets and pillows as well.
  • Burn some incense for spiritual and meditation practice. It helps create a serene and calm atmosphere.
  • Spray essential oils around your home to elevate your mood.
  • Ligh sage, then blow out the flame. After immersing your space with sage, visualise your intention for your home to attract positive energies.
  • Fill your space with crystals. From black tourmaline to rose quartz – there are several Feng shui crystals to elevate energies at your home.
  • Ring a bell in your room. The sound vibrations move the bad energy out and let the good energy in.
  • Pour salt into the corners of your room and let it sit for about 48 hours. After it absorbs all the bad energy, clear it away in the trash.
  • Try removing sharp corners. Include more round objects like lampshades, round tables, vases or jewellery boxes as they work wonders in attracting good energy.
  • Stick to a neutral palette. In order to create a relaxing environment and unwind, use subtle shades of furniture, walls, and flooring. Dark colours might look appealing on the surface, but they won’t help when you’re already overwhelmed and overburdened in life. Dark tints also make the space appear smaller than it is.

By incorporating these Feng shui tips, 2024 will be extremely lucky for you!

(Hero and feature image credit: Ketut Subiyanto/ Pexels)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do you dispose of Feng shui items?

Wrap them up in a cloth or paper, thank them for service and purpose and bury them in the Earth.

  • How do I get rid of bad Feng shui?

There are many ways of clearing bad energies in your space using Feng shui. These include clearing your entryway, removing/ discarding broken items, burning incense, filling your space with healing crystals and more.

  • What is the 20 rule of decluttering?

This rule consists of asking yourself two questions as you declutter your home: Can I replace this item for less than USD 20, and can I replace this item in less than 20 minutes?


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