Living room layout mistakes to avoid – ‘Barely gives breathing space’


Sizing and placement of certain items in living rooms are essential factors to consider when arranging furniture and creating a beautiful living space in your home. The interior experts at Casa Bella have highlighted some “common mistakes” people make that are limiting the potential of the bedroom. This included too much clutter and having furniture and decor pieces in the wrong place.

Households can get a flawless living room by just avoiding these few mistakes. With a little effort, you can have your living room layout laid to perfection.

1. Furniture against the wall 

While this is an easy way to get your furniture in the room, it’s harder to create a focal point this way, since your eye has a harder time figuring out where it is supposed to stop. It also usually leaves a room looking bizarre and oddly out of proportion.

The experts explained that this mistake should be corrected for any size living room as it will alway make the room look bigger than it is. 

They said: “The idea of having furniture against the wall has been so much preferred that we never thought of furniture away from it. 

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The interior designers advised: “Refrain from unessential stuff so your place looks more spacious than packed. 

“Rather than adding excessive lamps, decoration pieces and stuff, use the best furniture pieces to stand out your interiors.”

3. The wrong carpet

Love them or hate them, rugs are an essential part of most living room designs. By adding dimension to the space, they elevate the look of the room. 

A disproportionate rug will not only seem lost but also breaks the visual grammar of the living room.

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The designers said: “Choosing the right size of carpets is highly important. Small carpets disturb the balance of your room.

“The best ones are those which go under the entire furniture in a seating arrangement or at least the front legs of the furnishings. So avoid buying small carpets just to save a little money which can later cost you a lot.”

4. The wrong sized furniture 

Filling out a living room with furniture that’s either too large or too small for a space can make it look and feel cluttered.

If people have to contort their bodies to get in and out of the chairs around your coffee table, it may be time to re-think the living room furniture.

Oversized furniture takes over the space leaving little breathing room. On the other hand, if your furniture is too small, there’s a good chance you will add in extra pieces leading to more visual clutter.

The experts urged: “Choosing the right size of the furniture is an unquestionable requirement. It gives the entire look to your room. 

“If it is too small compared to your living area, the place will look vacant and unattractive leaving extra space.

“Whereas if the furniture is too big, the place will look enclosed. So carefully look for furniture that will compliment your place.” 


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