March’s Virgo Full Moon Blows the Whistle on Your Messy Habits


Has your hibernation station turned into a den of chaos? The Virgo full moon hands out demerits on March 7. Clean up your act and deploy some self-care.

Is it clean, is it green, and is it serene? When 2023’s only full moon in discerning Virgo flips on the high beams Tuesday, March 7, dust bunnies will scatter. (And no, the Virgo FM doesn’t care if it’s the Year of the Rabbit.)

From your fitness to your diet to your physical space, it’s time for an astrological audit. Be honest: Where have things become disorderly over the winter? We’re not judging. But the Virgo full moon absolutely is. So when this lunation arrives at 7:40 AM EST, find the eco-friendly cleaning supplies and go to town.

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What is Virgo energy all about?

Earth sign Virgo is the masterful helper of the horoscope wheel. Virgo energy teaches us to serve, do impeccable work and prioritize well-being. During a Virgo full moon, we all have a chance to examine our habits and make sure they’re on the healthy side of the spectrum.

Isn’t Saturn going into Pisces on March 7, too?

Yep. The very same day as the Virgo full moon, taskmaster Saturn heads into Pisces (Virgo’s opposite sign)—and epic event that hasn’t happened since 1993-96. You can read all about the game-changing Saturn in Pisces transit here, but as far as how it interacts with the Virgo full moon? Well, it’s kind of a blessing, adding some water-sign soul to our goals of getting life in order. Bring some om to your home with our Home Reset Course, which blends astrology and feng shui principles.

The 2023 Virgo full moon trines innovative Uranus in Taurus. This helpful, 120º angle can inspire you to put plans behind your most outside-the-box ideas. And when it comes to setting up systems, techie Uranus suggests you find an app for that. But one step at a time! La luna is also embroiled in a tense square to hasty Mars and impatience could lead to a careless error.

The key with the routine-loving Virgo full moon is to repeat any chosen practice daily!

That way you can really feel its impact. This sign is ruled by mobile Mercury, so check out app-based workouts to start your mornings. Since nervous Virgo energy can ramp up stress, swap the bottomless refills at the coffeepot for an afternoon matcha latte, or try a turmeric golden milk at night. Holistic treatments like massage and acupuncture can also realign your systems. Has it been a while since you saw your MD? Get those routine checkups on the calendar—IRL or via Telehealth—if only to quell the rumblings of your inner hypochondriac. You could also try one of our Virgo Full Moon Rituals.

The Virgo full moon can be fun and helpful, too. Here’s how:

1. Make some plant friends

Since Virgo is an earth sign, the arrival of this Virgo full moon is a favorable time to incorporate more plant life into your décor scheme. This can have a bonus effect of banishing winter blues, if you suffer! If you have an emerald thumb and ample light, adopt a fiddleleaf fig. Or how about an air purifying ZZ plant or a pachira aquatica, AKA a “money tree” for attracting green in more ways than one? If you’re looking for inspo, we’re huge fans of interiors whiz Justina Blakeney’s site The Jungalow and Wild at Home author Hilton Carter whose leafy Instagram feed makes us swoon. Or find the perfect plants for your zodiac sign in our article, The Best Houseplants for Every Zodiac Sign!

2. Don’t confuse a treasure for trash

As you pull rarely worn items from your closets some will fall into an obvious donation pile. But a few might leave you wondering: could this be used in a different way? Try a repurposing project at the Virgo full moon, like recycling or upcycling, which gives an object a new use.

Our crafty crew of friends are masters of the upcycle. We’ve seen adorable baby cowboy boots used as a flowerpot, a bike wheel turned into a wall clock and a denim skirt made out of jeans with a ripped inseam. These projects don’t have to take hours on end. All it takes is a creative sweep of your environment. That “trash” might be a treasure after all!

3. Get ahead by “microdosing”

Most of us dread administrative tasks, but have you noticed that when you stop resisting—and just take care of business—you feel an incomparable sense of satisfaction? Virgo knows the power of routine. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. So what have you been putting off: Opening that stack of mail (bills!), organizing your closets, calling to check in on a client? Tap into the courage and clarity of the Virgo full moon to grit your teeth and start the process. We recommend breaking daunting tasks into small bites; microdosing, if you will. One action per day can add up to a whole lot of progress fast.

That said, you might enlist an accountability buddy, at least in the beginning. Anxious Virgo energy can be mighty neurotic. If you’re prone to spiraling, a levelheaded friend can hold your hand while you read a scary email or call that creditor to work out a payment plan.

4. Rewind and be kind

Random acts of kindness, no matter how small, have impact when the service-oriented Virgo full moon lights the skies. It’s no surprise that Mother Teresa was born under this benevolent star sign! In her words, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” This is a wonderful reminder that there are plenty of ways to give that don’t cost money or require copious amounts of time.

Let the Virgo full moon inspire a sense of neighborly kindness as you flow through your days. Take a moment to thank people who are serving you, from the barista to the drugstore cashier. Make sure anything you toss winds up in the proper trash receptacle (and not on the floor). Hold the door for the person coming in behind you. Offer to help someone struggling with bags to carry them up the steps. Let friends know the little things you appreciate about them. It matters!

5. Make your microbiome happy

Each sign is associated with a body part and Virgo rules the lower stomach and digestive system. Nowadays, there’s an amazing amount of research surrounding the importance of gut health in staving off disease. That boils down to balancing our microbiome—the bacteria (good and bad) that live in our guts. Read up on prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, which can be found in food and supplements.

And chew on this: Turning up your digestive fire can help you sleep better, prevent disease and help your body use food as the fuel it is intended to be. Digestion begins in the mouth, but with our on-the-go lifestyles, many of us inhale our food instead of mindfully breaking it down with our teeth. Use those molars and incisors: they are there for a purpose.

6. Expand your vocab

This lunar spell stimulates our intellectual curiosity. There’s no better week to research, gather data and visual inspiration, and get a jump start on your income taxes. Plus, brainiac Virgo flexes some serious vocab skills. Why say “good” when you can say “superlative,” “unrivaled,” or “optimum?” The Virgo full moon blesses us all with mental acuity, so take the challenge and wax poetic.

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Want more? Virgo full moon traits & facts

What is the date and time of the 2023 Virgo full moon?

The Virgo full moon is on Tuesday, March 7, at 7:40 AM ET.

What is March’s full moon called?

The March full moon is also called a Full Worm Moon

With the ground no longer frozen, worms came out to enrich the soil in March—and got a full moon named in their honor, according to The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

What is the meaning of the Virgo full moon?

Analyze this? Bring it on. No stone is left unturned under a Virgo full moon!

Virgo governs our well-being, so the connection between mind and body is powerful under these moonbeams. Taking care of your body is directly correlated to your emotional health. You might feel diligent about exercising and eating right to achieve optimal wellness. Pay attention to your thoughts because they can quickly manifest into moods. A mindfulness practice can keep you centered, but careful not to swing to the opposite extreme. Those healthy obsessions can make you neurotic. Remind yourself: moderation is key!

Virgo full moon astrology facts & resources

In astrology, the themes of a Virgo full moon are:

  • Daily work
  • Wellness and health
  • Fitness
  • Systems

The Virgo full moon appears during Pisces season every year, between February 18 and March 20

Virgo is ruled by Mercury

Virgo is an earth sign (along with Taurus and Capricorn)

Virgo is a mutable sign quality (along with Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces)

The full moon is a good time for getting in touch with your thoughts and feelings through ritual. Try ours: Virgo Full Moon Ritual to clean up your diet.

Try also a meditation during Pisces season to release toxic emotions.

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