Shea McGee’s styling hack includes just ‘two types’ of decor |


As an interior designer and homeware brand founder, Shea McGee is no stranger to designing and styling home decor. With a range of gorgeous objects for sale via McGee & Co. and a portfolio of considered interiors to show off, sometimes small (but nonetheless important) finishing touches set Shea’s work apart from the pack. And though shopping for decor might seem like a simple task, picking pieces with finesse comes with time. 

If picking out decorative accessories for your own home has proved a challenge, you’re in luck – Shea’s just shared some insight into her own shopping process. The interior designer just took to Instagram to share the ‘two types’ of decorative objects she opts for when approaching a new space. And while aesthetics play a large role, Shea says decor works best when it overlaps with treasured memories. Here’s what the celebrated designer had to say about making a home that feels like you.

The ‘two types’ of home decor, according to Shea


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