Stunning Home Decor Ideas For A Cosy Living Space


Do you find your zen on the mountains, in the woods or a calming, cosy retreat? Everybody loves to unwind amidst a warm environment that immediately calms you down, especially if you live in a city. So, to help you add a cosy aesthetic to your own living space, here are five of our favourite home decor ideas and decor picks to try right now if you want to hibernate during the monsoons.

Who doesn’t enjoy giving their living space a makeover? While home décor items look exciting, they may cost you a fortune. Everybody loves to add a touch of their personality to their space, and it is essential to surround yourself with stylish pieces that uplift your mood.

Incorporating gorgeous design items to your home helps create a positive ambiance throughout the space. If you’re considering revamping your living room, here are the top home decor items you can buy.

5 Awesome decor ideas to add a cosy element to your home

1. Warm up your dining area


Adding a table runner in earthy colours like beige to your dining table will be a fantastic choice when it comes to home warming up your dining space. A thick table runner, candle stands and ceramic crockery can effortlessly add a bohemian touch to any space. With their warm and pleasant appearance, they create a cosy atmosphere, while also drawing attention to the inviting nature of your decor.

Our recommendation: Folkulture Classic Ribbed Table Runner – Taupe

Macrame Cushion Cover – White

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Give your living space a cosy, updated look with this stylish and chic table runner by Folkulture! This table runner in the colour taupe or beige complements all home decor themes, crockery set and tableware. It is made from 100% cotton and vibrant pattern, lending a warm touch to any table decor.

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2. Add handmade ceramics


To be honest, handmade ceramics are the perfect way to add natural elements to your living space. These unique pieces of art can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home decor. Consider ditching your glassware to these handmade ceramics if you’re dreaming of a cosy abode.

Price: INR 1,649

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3. Embrace natural elements


Introduce nature into your home and elevate its rustic vibe with a side table built from a real tree stump, and wooden tray, coasters and planters. Adding a natural element to your home decor is one of the easiest and simplest ways to cosy up your modern abode.

Price: INR 1,849

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4. Introduce terracotta planters


Infuse some exciting elements into your decor by incorporating natural terracotta planters that can be used to showcase plants in the most unique way possible. This will not only evoke a feeling of being on a relaxing vacation in Bali but will bring a one-of-a-kind touch to your cosy abode.

Price: INR 915

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5. Opt for scented candles


Consider adding fragrant candles to your home to cosy up your living area, lending a sense of warmth. Any scented candle can instantly brighten up a drab environment and add a rush of freshness. Place your candles on a coffee table, side table, or in an entryway to spruce up your home decor.

Note: Do not place your candles near the couch, drapes, or clothing to prevent any accidents. Additionally, it’s important to remember never to leave candles burning unattended, especially when going to sleep.

Our recommendation: Folkulture Scented Candle – AM to PM Healing

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This alluring fragrant candle by Folkulture will take your senses on a sensory adventure. Experience the transforming power of AM to PM healing thanks to its enticing combination of freesia, lily, and pear. This candle, which is handmade using only natural soy and palm wax, provides an even burn and emits a captivating glow that can light up your room for up to 50 hours.

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