The Best Feng Shui Home Layout For Each Chinese Zodiac Sign


Fēng Shuǐ (or “wind-water” in Chinese) is the ancient practice of living harmoniously with one’s surroundings to bring in good fortune, remove negative energies, and create a prosperous living space for the self and the family. It’s based on the Yin-Yang theory of polar opposites creating a harmonious whole and the Five Elements Theory (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) that describes the composition of the universe and how waxing and waning energies keep it in balance.

And while most people use feng shui to improve the health and well-being of their personal spaces, these principles can just as easily be used while building cities and countries to enhance societal prosperity. 

So, how do the 12 Chinese zodiac signs fit into all this? To put it simply, each Chinese zodiac sign is ruled by one specific element from the Five Elements Theory. And when you balance this with the corresponding yin-yang element of the sign and stay away from the corresponding destructive element, you can easily bring good luck into your life.

The luckiest Feng Shui home layout for each Chinese zodiac sign

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The rat zodiac sign is ruled by the element water and is associated with yang energy. So, to bring good luck into your living space, make your interiors open and flowing. You can also keep a goldfish aquarium to improve the feng shui of your home. But only do this if you can adequately take care of an aquarium. Neglect generates a lot of negative energy in a space. Also, avoid the element earth as it has a destructive effect on the rat zodiac sign. Some items that fall under this category are pottery, plants, and stones.


The ox zodiac sign is ruled by the element earth and is associated with yin energy. One of the best ways to bring good luck to this zodiac sign’s home is to incorporate a rock garden into the living space. Depending on your income, this can range from a full-fledged outdoor garden with rock sculptures, beautiful pathways, and stone benches to a simple rock terrarium inside the house set up in a cozy nook. Smooth river rocks, large crystal geodes, and ceramic pots and figurines are other ways to incorporate the element earth into your home. But stay away from the element wood as it has a destructive effect on the ox zodiac sign.


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