Things To Buy On Dhanteras As Per Your Zodiac Signs


AMONG the grand Diwali festivities, purchasing new things on the day of Dhanteras is considered auspicious. This year Dhanteras, also known as Dhantrayodashi will be celebrated in October with great enthusiasm and pomp. The auspicious time for Dhanteras is from 07:18 PM to 08:30 PM with a duration of 01 hour and 11 minutes.

Moreover, buying things specifically gold, appliances, and vehicles are considered highly beneficial. However, knowing what to buy which may bring luck and prosperity in your life as per your zodiac sign can be favourable. Read below what to buy on Dhanteras according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Stars suggest that Aries zodiac sign people can buy items such as utensils, gold and jewellery made of diamond which will be beneficial for them. You can also go for home d├ęcor items such as tortoise pieces which bring harmony to life.

Taurus: People with Taurus as their zodiac sign should buy utensils and silver and diamond jewellery. An idol of Lakshmi Ganesh made of silver likely holds the power to bring delight and property to the house.

Gemini: On the auspicious day of Diwali, it is advantageous to buy silver items, an idol of Radha Krishna and utensils. Buying new property on the day can also bear fruitful results.

Cancer: Diamond jewellery, a silver pot to store Ganga Jal and a new vehicle can be purchased to bring good luck and health in the lives of Cancerians on Dhanteras this year.

Leo: You can opt to buy items such as gold or silver jewellery and a lamp made of silver on this auspicious festival to bring good luck and prosperity to your life.

Virgo: People with the zodiac sign Virgo should purchase coins, gold jewellery and utensils along with a silver idol of Goddess Lakshmi. The day holds special importance if you want to buy a new home or property.

Libra: Go for gold pendants or silver coins for performing puja for Diwali on Dhanteras day. You can also expand your options with gadgets to buy on this day if you’re a Libra.

Scorpio: Purchasing silver glasses or spoons for Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi is considered highly auspicious for Scorpions.

Sagittarius: On the day of Dhanteras, you can buy gold or silver pendants or coins and don’t forget to buy a broom as it removes all the negativity from homes. A new gadget can also be a good idea for the same.

Capricorn: It is suggested for Capricorn people shop for a tortoise made of silver, a groom or a new vehicle on Dhantrayodashi. After making the purchases, remember to put tilak on the items and pray to God for wealth and prosperity in your life.

Aquarius: Purchasing a silver round pot on Dhanteras this year is auspicious for Aquarians. It is expected to bring prosperity, good luck and happiness in lives.

Pisces: People with zodiac signs as Pisces are suggested to purchase white pearls, rings or any other jewellery items and gadgets. An aquarium with a golden fish can also be purchased on this auspicious day.


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