This Disney-Themed Home Is Going Viral on Zillow


In today’s economic climate, a one-million-dollar Disney-themed house may not be something most people can ever afford, but Disney fans nationwide can still admire its magical beauty on Zillow.

Colorado disney house
Credit: REcolorado

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A new pass time created by millennials is browsing home listings online through apps such as Zillow, where most simply admire and fantasize about living in gorgeous homes they could never afford. It seems like a sad pass time, but many people enjoy it. So much so there’s a whole Instagram dedicated to it. Pages like Zillow Gone Wild have over 1 million followers and feature gorgeous homes that are pretty unique. The Instagram page posted a stunning Disney-themed home currently up for sale in Thornton, Colorado. The house got so much attention that it went viral.

The 8,712 square foot home features a Disney-theme attachment in their basement game room. The homeowner, Kim Magana, has always been a fan of Disney, collecting merchandise and decor for over forty years. When she finally became a grandmother, she turned her basement into the perfect Disney at-home experience for her grandchildren.

Disney Themed house for sell on zillow
Credit: REcolorado

The basement attachment features a Mickey Mouse-shaped doorway, a full Mickey-themed bathroom, a sleepover room with a castle-themed bed, and much more. Each room practically feels like you’re walking into a Disney World Resort hotel. While the wall decals and wallpaper seem to come with the house, it isn’t clarified if all the Disney trinkets also come along with it. But for the 1 million dollar price tag, the Maganas should consider throwing them in as an incentive.

Disney theme house
Credit: REcolorado

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Nevertheless, this home seems like an excellent fit for any Disney lovers in Colorado with little ones. Or perhaps, if left as is, this location would make a perfect Disney-themed Air B&B for those traveling through the state.

However, the Maganas face the risk of having no buyer interested in the basement at all. The price of the home has already dropped by 20K in recent weeks. It takes a specific type of fan to commit to such heavy decor, let alone one interested in buying a home in Colorado.  And in today’s economy, it might take a while for the perfect buyer to come along. As mentioned, most people are just fantasizing about living in homes like these and not actually buying them.

Would you like a home like this, or is it too much Disney-theming? Let Inside The Magic know below. 


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