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Veronica Gwaze

MR Lameck Banda from Waterfalls, Harare is a shrewd and cunning businessman.

Superior recognised as Sekuru Chitsuwi, Banda understands the fundamental premise of capitalism: source and need.

Each working day, the 60 calendar year-previous wakes up at 4am and goes to close by wetlands and swamps, and collects frogs and modest tortoises.

He can take these house, cleans himself up and normally takes his catch to his “factory” at Machipisa Procuring Centre in Highfield. There, Sekuru Chitsuwi gets down to the undertaking of tying vibrant beads all over the frogs and tortoises. He provides rubber bands, horns or chicken nails to the add-ons.

And hey presto, you have by yourself a “goblin”!

His major customers for these are “prophets” and self-professed witch-hunters (tsikamutanda), who spring these things on their shoppers and then declare to have identified evil spirits, which they then progress to “exorcise” — typically for a pound of flesh.

Sekuru Chitsuwi says business enterprise is brisk.

“One may possibly conclude that I am boasting but the reality is that my objects are currently being bought like sizzling cakes. Some of my clientele are popular prophets who often spend handsomely,” Sekuru Chitsuwi stated.

At first from Mozambique, he narrates how his company has supplied him a tiny infamy and some fortune.

“When I still left Mozambique for this state I experienced nothing at all. Almost nothing. I am now a proud owner of a home in Waterfalls, quite a few cars and my youngsters show up at high priced boarding universities,” Sekuru Chitsuwi stated.

Sekuru Chitsuwi says price ranges of his “goblins” ranges from US$300 to US$700.

“I cost in accordance to the item. Some of the objects require extra time to function on them and I occasionally stop up shelling out hrs and even days on end performing on one item. The objects need to seem genuine,” he explained.

Requested if he does not truly feel negative that his merchandise are made use of to defraud persons, Sekuru Chitsuwi states that is not his worry.

“This is a organization my mate. I am a producer of some form. All I do is to make these objects according to my clients’ specs. What they will later on use the objects for is none of my enterprise.”

Faux prophets are usually in the courts for fraud.

In January, Isaac Nkalakhata from Binga was arrested after he attempted to extort money from bus operators.

Armed with a dwell tortoise which was covered in wild animal skins, Nkalakhata approached numerous bus operators and extorted money from them.

He was jailed for six months.

In Bulawayo, three men have been this yr arrested for allegedly planting multi-coloured “charms” at a dwelling, and then boasting to find them. They informed the property operator that the “charms” experienced brought about the illness of a boy or girl, and demanded $7 000 as payment.

Sekuru Friday Chisanyu, the president of the Zimbabwe Nationwide Practitioners Association, says the law enforcement should clamp down on such fraud.

“These individuals are aiding criminals and must be brought to guide. Men and women are defrauded of 1000’s, if not millions, of pounds each 12 months by the con artists. Those people that are producing the pretend goblins must be arrested and given deterrent jail sentences,” Sekuru Chisanyu included.


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