We’re Swooning Over This Artist’s Nature-Inspired Work


We recently partnered with Bounty to support emerging artists and designers in a national design competition. The ask? Design a graphic for a new Brit + Co and Bounty paper towel collection themed A Clean Fresh Start, which launches this month. In this creator spotlight series, we are featuring the winners of that competition to learn more about their inspirations, their design process, and their winning Bounty design. Read on to meet…

jill orey design bounty

Jill Reynolds | Jill OREY Design | @jilloreydesign | Saint Paul, Minnesota

What are your design inspirations? Getting away from my computer. I find inspiration in the outdoors, nature, organic shapes, and patterns, from something as simple as a unique leaf shape to cracks in the pavement. I love looking at textiles old and new and being inspired by vintage motifs. Travel is always an amazing way to see something fresh and feel inspired. My favorite trip has been to Japan – the juxtaposition of old and new is like nowhere else I’ve experienced.

jill reynolds bounty design winner

Tell us your design process? I like to play and experiment a lot. I don’t have a hard structure to my work and instead I prefer to let ideas flow and come about with experimentation. I love to use different objects to paint with and create imperfect textures and marks that I’ll piece together. I work with traditional mediums as well as Adobe programs and Procreate. Color is really important to me and I love an unexpected combination.

How did you get into illustration? My career goal when I was 10 was to travel the world to find inspiration for the books I would write and illustrate so from a young age, I knew instinctively that I wanted to create. I’ve always followed what I’m good at and what I enjoy and that has created a career path that has eventually brought me to becoming a full time surface pattern designer. I still strive to illustrate my own series of children’s picture books.

What are three IG accounts you love?

Fantastic Fungi They forage all these amazing mushrooms and discuss the texture and color and other magical properties. With some ASMR thrown in, it’s addictive!

Lucy Tiffany She paints from her imagination on large-scale using beautiful color palettes and bold strokes. I like designers who take risks, create from the heart, and aren’t following trends.

Domino Magazine There are lots of amazing interior accounts out there and Domino has been one of my favorites for aspirational and real-life living spaces.

How do you know when a piece of art, like your winning Bounty Paper Towel design below, is “finished”? I just know. I can’t really put my finger on it but there’s a certain level of balance and being slightly ‘off’ that I find satisfies me.

bounty paper towel jill reynolds

What will it be like for you to see your design on a Bounty paper towel at your local store? To see my designs in my local store will be such a thrill! I imagine it’s like when a musician hears their music on the radio. A lot of work and moving parts goes into the final product and it’s starts with an idea and some imagination. It’s a huge reward as a creative to see my thoughts become a real tangible product that people can use. I always hope my work at the least spreads some joy and I think we have done that with these new prints!

Be sure to look out for Jill’s winning design wherever Bounty Paper Towels are sold!


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