Which Bridgerton Character You Are, Based on Your Zodiac


We’ve been counting down the days we’d be welcomed back to London’s high society and now the day is officially here. If you were sucked into the first season of Bridgerton in 2020, you’re not alone. Between hearing the classical version of our favorite pop songs, to Daphne and the Duke’s steamy love scenes we just couldn’t look away from, we became emotionally attached to every plotline, every scandal, every scene, and every character.

Since Bridgerton gives us the inside scoop on every character and their secrets, we’ve analyzed every single one and broke down where the stars align for each of them. We hope this brings clarity and understanding, especially because the Duke of Hastings radiates Scorpio energy. If you want to know which character you’re most like, based on your zodiac sign, keep scrolling (and be sure to check your rising sign, too!).


Marina Thompson

Known as the youngest sign of the zodiac, Aries move through life as if they are doing everything for the first time. Aligning with this fire sign, Marina sets out to live the life she wants and is determined despite others trying to control her future. She can be moody (to be fair, we all would be too if we were forced to be locked up in our rooms hiding from everyone), and doesn’t take well to being restricted. But like an Aries, she has great wit and is optimistic that everything will work out in her favor. 


Daphne Bridgerton

Seeking the finer things and life’s pleasures, Tauruses exude regal energy. They’re stubborn but devoted, and value stability and honesty. They can be solid support for family and friends, but don’t expect them to change their views or opinions on just about anything—much like our beloved Daphne. They are natural lovers and choose to see the best in others, even if they aren’t always deserving. It makes sense that Taurus is ruled by Venus, otherwise known as “the planet of love”, as Daphne Bridgerton wants to marry for love and passion as much as for status. She refuses to settle when it comes to choosing a partner and displays the sensual and passionate side of Tauruses when she meets her love match, Simon Basset.


Lady Whistledown

As the town gossip, it is only right that you know how to be perceptive, present, and move under the radar. Now, not all Geminis are gossips, but we are certain to be a good one, you’ll need to have the traits of this clever air sign. Lady Whistledown has the power of sharing secrets and details about society because, like Geminis,  Lady Whistledown is great at blending into the room and mingling with all walks of life, allowing people to quickly warm up to them and feel comfortable, with their secret identity being completely unknown. They can be playful and entertaining, making others feel like they can open up to them. The question is, can they keep your secret?


Lady Violet Bridgerton

If there is anything that screams Cancer energy, it is that they will go to great lengths to protect the ones they love, much like the Bridgerton family’s mother, Violet. She is sensitive, and a natural nurturer, and truly wants what is best for her family. Cancers lead with their emotions and prioritize the feelings of the ones they love, sometimes before their own needs. Violet is an exemplary Cancer by making her children’s happiness her number one priority and keeping her family intact for better or worse.


Queen Charlotte

Bold hair, extravagant clothes, and undoubtedly the center of attention? It couldn’t be more obvious that Queen Charlotte would be a Leo! Whether Leos intend it or not, it is hard not to place them at the center of attention and all the action. The Queen is not only a great leader, but she is great with people and knows how to command a room.


Colin Bridgerton

If there is any sign that is okay with laying low, it is a Virgo. Colin is super sensible and very independent, making him the perfect Virgo candidate. Although he is one of the youngest in the Bridgerton family and doesn’t have as many responsibilities as his siblings, he mirrors Virgos’ strong moral code and an intuition that allows them to see people for exactly who they are. Despite some of his siblings and his town’s desire to indulge and get sucked into temptations, Colin remains level-headed, kind, and determined to live a life for himself, in typical Virgo fashion.


Kate Sharma

If there is one thing Libras can do, it’s finding a balance between beauty and brains, and the newest character in this season of Bridgerton surely knows how to do that flawlessly. Kate is a strong-willed and independent person, whose only interest is maintaining order and harmony in her life. She is dependable, going out of her way to help her sister find the perfect husband, putting her own needs second. Much like a Libra, she has a sharp tongue and isn’t interested in being easily wooed. But don’t let the hard-to-read ways of an air sign fool you, when it comes to making a decision they often times choose logic over their feelings.


Duke of Hastings

If you looked up “brooding” in the dictionary, guaranteed you would find a photo of Simon Basset front and center! The Duke is notorious for his temper, but also his loyalty and ambitiousness—all of which are key traits of this water sign. Like a Scorpio, Simon played his cards close to his chest and was a slow burner when it came to opening up to Daphne, but once he allowed himself to be vulnerable, he was as alluring as he was passionate.


Siena Rosso

If there is anyone who has a “star” quality about them it is no doubt a Sagittarius. Siena, the opera singer who finds herself in the midst of a steamy love affair with Anthony Bridgerton, is as talented as she is intense, and knows exactly what she wants and how to demand it. She has a go-getter spirit, a magnetic beauty, and a fiery passion that does not go unnoticed. 


Lady Danbury

The mother figure to the Duke, Lady Danbury is one of the most loyal in the Bridgerton cast. She is well-spoken, kind, and always looking out for the Duke and others, all of which are key qualities in this disciplined earth sign. Don’t let her hard shell fool you, like a Capricorn, her heart is warm and pure. Her straightforwardness and intellect are forces to be reckoned with, and she usually has the information to back it up. She represents stability in other people’s lives, even if they don’t realize it. 


Eloise Bridgerton

Leave it to Eloise to be the character who does not engage in typical high society culture. As an Aquarius, Eloise is the unconventional, “off the beaten path” air sign we all need in our lives. Even if she doesn’t know exactly what she wants or how she is going to get there, her passions lie where everyone else’s doesn’t, and chooses independence and freedom from conforming, even if that is not always the easiest thing to do.


Anthony Bridgerton

Like the Pisces being considered the wisest of all the signs, Anthony Bridgerton is one who can definitely read the room. He leads with his heart, even if that gets him into trouble (remember Nigel Berbrooke?) but as the viscount and the prime example of a Pisces, he is responsible and critical and always looking out for the people he loves. Pisceans are also natural charmers, so it is to no surprise that Anthony can’t help but indulge in romance, as we’ve seen with his sensual connection with the opera singer, Siena Rosso. 


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