Your Small/Cool NYC Design Style, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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When decorating your place, look to the stars for inspiration. Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about your design taste and aesthetic. A Virgo? You value organization, so consider where you can build more storage in your rooms. A Gemini? You’re probably hosting the next book club, and your space should lean into your love of entertaining. A Scorpio? Find amusing ways to keep people guessing with your design choices.

These design styles and trends come from Small/Cool NYC 2023, our reader-favorite pop-up design experience showcasing BIG decorating ideas for small spaces. We challenged 18 designers and design enthusiasts to bring the hottest upcoming trends to life, all in 120 square feet or less.

Keep reading to learn more about the Small/Cool NYC design style for your zodiac sign. If you’re familiar with your full astrological birth chart, don’t forget to check your rising sign and moon sign, too.

No one ever accused an Aries of being subtle. Funnel that big, bright energy into funky design choices in unexpected places: orange checkered wallpaper, fruit-shaped cabinet pulls, a lavender coffee maker. Because if you’re going to buy chairs for your kitchen table, they might as well be green, oddly shaped, and covered in velvet.

Taureans value three things: creature comforts, more creature comforts, and even more creature comforts. This serene bedroom is a true respite from the busy world — a place to comfortably rest, relax, and recharge in refined style. We’ll hold your calls.

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of a Gemini hosting another dinner party. The most social of the zodiac, Geminis thrive in an eclectic space that shows off their approximately 53,394 interests. More is more!

Cancers are a unique blend of emotional and intuitive. It’s important for them to have a shell they can retreat into when they need a minute, and in the home, that comes in the form of soothing colors, sentimental objects, and a purposeful layout.

Leos are never just there; they make an entrance and make themselves known, seen, felt, and heard. They’re happiest in spaces that match their joyful, lavish, and loud energy.

The earthiest of the Earth signs, it’s no surprise that Virgo’s design aesthetic at Small/Cool NYC is organization. A Virgo herself, our Executive Lifestyle Director Charli Penn styled four columns that make the most of vertical space for a more neat, tidy, and practical life.

Libras are hyper-fixated on symmetry, which can be both a blessing and a curse. This handsome bathroom setup strikes the perfect balance of, well, balance: It’s carefully considered, yet leaves plenty of room for creativity.

Few things in life are more mysterious than a Scorpio. We say: Embrace it! Set a powerful tone for your dynamic world before people even step foot inside. You’ll enjoy keeping people guessing while looking fantastic.

It’s difficult to narrow down a Sagittarius to one thing. You need a space that’s as complex as you are: curious yet satisfied; flexible but firm; intense but loose. Take design risks, blend design styles, and create something you’ve never seen before.

Even when a Capricorn is playing, they’re working. But deep down, they have a mischievous, rebellious side. The more you nurture the former, the more you draw out the latter. Capricorns thrive in a space that’s grounded and traditional with pops of snappy, fashionable fun.

To know an Aquarius is to know a true individual: an eccentric, artistic, and unique person. Aquarians are walking art pieces themselves, and they do well to surround themselves with one-of-a-kind design that matches their spirits.

The oldest sign in the zodiac, Pisces have witnessed and absorbed every bit of knowledge the younger signs learned. They thrive in dreamy, empathetic, and emotional spaces that understand — and even pre-empt— their needs.


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