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Are you feeling like life‘s been a bit lackluster lately? Well, prepare for a shake-up and mark your calendars for an event bound to spark some excitement…and some major shifts — the total solar eclipse in the sign of Aries is happening on April 8, 2024, at 2:21 pm EST. And guess what? You can see this one in North America (just don’t forget your solar eclipse glasses!), a rare phenomenon that only happens once every 18 months. The great news is that this eclipse will ignite a ceremonial initiation in your life with this Aries energy allowing you to step into a new beginning, rekindle your passions, and tap into your inner fire. Celebrate you with those ready to accept nothing more than happiness and inspiration.

What will happen during the total solar eclipse?

total solar eclipse 2024

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During the solar eclipse, the moon slides in perfect alignment between Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on our day. This quiet moment allows you to speculate what stirs courage in your heart. Like a void, you may feel out of sorts, so take this moment in time and contemplate. A new realization will approach, allowing you to better understand what you need to do to begin taking ownership of your life. It will help you set a new path you never thought possible.

Another cosmic piece will join this solar eclipse story: the asteroid Chiron. Chiron, known as “the wounded healer,” is an asteroid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus. When this celestial point enmeshes cosmic events, it promotes healing and revelations involving our past wounds. With Chiron in perfect alignment with the solar eclipse, you can finally dust yourself off and continue onward with more strength than you ever thought possible.

When the light returns after the “void” of this eclipse, clarity will start to trickle in. This April 8th eclipse can power up your personal goals and give you the space to step into your true and unfiltered self finally.

How can you power up your goals during the solar eclipse?

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Set your intentions for the next six months and be sure to follow through with them as time passes. The Aries sign ignites action and precision to your goals. Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the idea of growing. What eclipses do is whether you desire to change or not. This period will inevitably help you see what you need, not what you want.

If you’re feeling in limbo, take this moment and narrow down your priorities. Solar eclipses help us face our shadows or learn new information buried beneath the surface. Although it may be terrifying to start anew, it will be for your greater good. Fortunately, this solar eclipse will help many make peace with new beginnings.

A word of warning: be mindful, as Aries can turn toward anger, impatience, and power struggles. As soon as you feel intensity, practice mindfulness and reflection. This is a period to trust your gut and not fall into heated debates. On the plus side, this solar eclipse cycle will attract incoming opportunities as you decide to take chances and become bolder.

Ideas for you to perfectly align with this April’s total solar eclipse in 2024:

• Focus on your ambition
• Be brave
• If you feel inspired, make it happen
• Begin a kinesthetic movement exercise for mind-body connection

What other eclipses are happening in 2024?

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The 2024 eclipses dates and times are:

• March 25 (3:00 am EST) penumbral lunar eclipse in Libra
• April 8 (2:21 pm EST) total solar eclipse in Aries
• September 17 (10:34 pm EST) partial lunar eclipse in Pisces
• October 2 (2:49 pm EST) annual solar eclipse in Libra

Solar Eclipse 2024 Horoscope For Your Sun, Moon, & Rising Signs

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Aries: This will be a magical six months for you. When an eclipse phases over your sign, this promises the start of a new chapter involving your identity and purpose. It is not a period of rest whatsoever, and you will begin to feel ignited with passion and confidence. Integrity will be the cornerstone of your process, with Chiron leading the way. Remember that you are stronger than you think and have what it takes to shine your truth. Trust in your inner strength and resilience as you navigate this period of self-discovery.

Taurus: You are in for a major soul makeover as this solar eclipse will stir in the need to pay attention to your subconscious realms. You will enter a period of deep introspection and spiritual growth. Confront the subconscious patterns and beliefs holding you back while setting clear intentions for your future. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition, as they provide valuable insights. Self-care and mindfulness will keep you balanced. Trust in your inner guidance and embrace the opportunity to rewrite your subconscious patterns, paving the way for profound personal and professional growth.

Gemini: Over the next six months, you’ll begin a new chapter filled with refined aspirations and long-term goals. Expand your online and offline networks, as connections made during this period can pave the way for future success. Use your wit and charm to navigate social interactions and establish meaningful relationships that support your ambitions. This eclipse extends an open door for you to gain traction with your dreams and lay the groundwork for future achievements. Stay adaptable and open-minded, as unexpected opportunities may arise that lead you closer to your desired outcomes.

Cancer: This solar eclipse manifests a new phase of career growth and public recognition. Over the next six months, you’ll have the chance to explore your passions and witness your dreams taking flight. This period may bring about a promotion or a significant shift in how you’re perceived by the public, potentially altering your professional image. Embrace these changes as opportunities for personal and professional advancement. Stay adaptable and open-minded, trusting in your skills to navigate the changes ahead. Remember to remain true to yourself and your values as you journey toward success and fulfillment.

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Leo: Witness a significant shift as the solar eclipse impacts your realm of learning and adventure. This cosmic event will inspire new beliefs within you, encouraging you to break away from the ordinary. Embrace this chance to explore new horizons with excitement and willpower. You might feel an urge to expand your mind and try new things. Book that ticket to Bali – Eat, Pray, Love style, or return to school. Pursue your passion. Stay grounded as you begin this journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Remember to embrace curiosity and be open to the possibilities that lie ahead.

Virgo: Welcome this period of profound transformation as the solar eclipse powers up your realm of shared resources and deep introspection. This will narrow down what needs to change within yourself or your life circumstances. Take advantage of this time to address any lingering debts or financial obligations or collect any money owed to you. Over the next several months, you’ll experience a deep need to engage in inner work. This is your chance to evolve into a better version of yourself as you take the necessary steps toward greater self-awareness and inner fulfillment.

Libra: Shifts will happen in your relationships as the solar eclipse influences your partnerships and interactions. This cosmic event signals a time of transition, inviting you to embrace a new way of relating to others. As you navigate this period, focus on growth and expansion within your connections while establishing a sense of autonomy. Accept the idea of being assertive when necessary, as it will help you navigate any challenges or conflicts that may arise. Trust in the process and remain open to the opportunities for personal and relational growth this eclipse brings.

Scorpio: Your life will change 180° in your daily routines and habits as the solar eclipse influences your health and well-being sector. This cosmic event urges you to embrace shifts in your environment and let go of old patterns that no longer serve your highest good. Take this opportunity to establish a new health regimen that nourishes your body and mind. Embrace healthier lifestyle choices and prioritize self-care to support your overall well-being. Trust in your ability to adapt to these shifts and make positive choices for your future. Remember that minor adjustments in your daily routine can improve your overall quality of life.

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Sagittarius: Get ready to smile from ear to ear these next six months because your luck is about to change. This solar eclipse encourages you to actively seek more enjoyable experiences in your relationships, hobbies, or quality time with loved ones. Celebrate the fun and spontaneity this eclipse will attract, allowing yourself to engage in life’s simple pleasures fully. Because of this new inflow of positive energy, begin a new affirmation practice because your manifestation skills are leveling up. Everything will expand, including your fertility, passion project, or romantic life. Trust in the Universe to grant you happiness and fulfillment as you open up to the magical energy of this eclipse.

Capricorn: Grab this unique opportunity to redefine your family dynamics as the solar eclipse influences your domestic sphere. Becoming open to new approaches in your interactions with family members will pave the way for healing. Whether contemplating a move, renovating your home, or reconnecting with relatives, embrace this moment to extend deeper emotional bonds and create a more nurturing environment. Use this time to reflect on what truly matters and prioritize emotional connections over mere obligations. Trust in your ability to cultivate a sense of warmth and belonging within your home and family circle. Embrace this transformative period as an opportunity to lay the foundation for lasting harmony and fulfillment in your personal life.

Aquarius: It’s time to level up your social standing, Aquarius. All eyes are on you and your next steps. Get confident in expressing your passions and pursuits as the solar eclipse influences your sphere of communication and learning. These next six months will empower you to express your ideas and aspirations confidently and with clarity and conviction. Be sure to organize your approach, as your ideas can scatter. Task managing is key to success. Also, use this time to refine your communication skills while engaging in healthy debates with others to get inspired. Trust in your ability to share your message with impact and influence those around you positively.

Pisces: Take out your calculator and start crunching in numbers, Pisces. There is a promising shift in your financial situation as the solar eclipse influences your realm of finances and self-worth. This will be a productive six-month period where you can enhance your financial stability and gain better control over your resources. Take this opportunity to streamline your income and adopt effective money management strategies. As you navigate this period, your confidence and self-worth significantly boost, inspiring you to cultivate a healthier relationship with money. Trust your abilities to make wise financial decisions and prioritize your long-term financial security. Begin an abundance practice or create a money mood board to get started.

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