Zara Home has the purest furniture and decorations for 2023!


To give your home a facelift from 2023, discover the most beautiful Zara Home trends to quickly have at home!

The year is coming to an end. And already Zara Home has its sights set on 2023… Discover now the new collections to embellish your home. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

A home embellished with Zara Home

While autumn is still here, the next season is taking shape little by little. In fact, in a few weeks, the end-of-year celebrations will remind us that we are already in winter.

What if this period of change made you want to change your “home sweet home”? Who says “new year”, also says “want to get a makeover”. What could be better than changing the decor of a room or replacing your old sofa with a brand new one to feel better at home?

Chez Zara Home, the new 2023 collections have already arrived in stores. And they make you want to redecorate your interior from A to Z.

Lamps, vases, paintings, bedding, tables and furniture with a minimalist design… The most beautiful references are currently vying for the favor of customers. Come, you too, discover with the sign your future crush which will embellish your cocoon.

In writing, we particularly fell for this paper lampshade signed Zara Home. Suspended in the air like an elegant bird, this object will bring its touch of poetry to the room of your choice.

Above your bed, or in a cozy living room, here are others that will make a good impression. If you are looking for an original object to hang on your walls, discover these framed burlaps Of the nicest effect.

Neither quite a frame nor quite a painting, this Zara Home reference is downright a work of art all on its own!

Zara Home has the purest furniture and decorations for 2023!
Zara Home has the purest furniture and decorations for 2023!

Minimalist decor will be all the rage in 2023

To bring a decorative touch to a piece of furniture, also go for this oval-shaped Zara home vase sporting a beautiful pale pink color. A very nice object to display unconditionally at home.

Sobriety and minimalism seem to be the key words for the decoration trends of 2023. Why not anticipate the movement now with this pouf in (fake) sheepskin clean line?

Placed in a corner of your living space, this curious seat, which hides polystyrene padding in its heart, will bring its beneficial Scandinavian touch to your home.

In the same spirit, let yourself be seduced by this “sheepskin” effect armchairmounted on a solid metal frame which gives it a really nice look.

Finally, in the raw and unfussy genre, we also spotted at Zara Home this cement table which will impose its monolithic look on one of your living rooms.

However, don’t be fooled! Because under its rustic finishes to the touch, actually hides a 100% birch wood structure. Bluffing!

With all these new references from Zara Home, you’re going to love your home even more in 2023. The new year hasn’t even started yet, it’s already off to a great start!


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