Zara Home: Top 10 Must-Have Home Decorations!


Zara Home dresses up your interior … And to perfectly redecorate a house, a dozen well-chosen rooms may be enough!

Want to redo your interior? Zara Home is full of novelties to give a new look to any home … Vintage is popular, wood and beige colors too: give a facelift for fall. MCETV gives you 10 decorating ideas!

From the kitchen to the living room, vintage is popular

Because when you browse the brand’s website, you can get lost very quickly. First crush, the ceramic lamp Kass éditions. Whether wide and blue, or long and white, it will dress up any living room very well … While giving a nice modern look, too.

This lamp, priced at 149 euros, can also be matched with other items from the Kass range. Starting with the mirror. Carved in a teardrop shape, it enlarges any room. But its slightly flared shape also makes it possible to modernize the interior, by spending a hundred euros.

To give color to the rooms, Zara Home had an idea: to change the tables. This is the third object we recommend, the geometric table. Not really square, with a rounded angle, it charms with its modern appearance. And also by its price, 149 euros.

Available in several colors, it will go very well in a white room. Moreover, the white walls, the brand has made it its business. She thus created several series of 6 paintings to give relief and colors to the walls. Abstract art, but a “mini art” that is worth the detour.

On sale at 29.99 euros, these series of 6 paintings give life back to sad rooms. A colorful table in the middle, paintings on the walls, and all the decor regains vigor. But Zara Home attacks every room in the house!

The brand is also looking to modernize the kitchens. Between the dishwashing liquid dispenser at 17.99 euros and the kitchen trash can at 79.99 euros, light colors are in vogue. As well as the style and the old forms, which give an old charm to a modern room

Zara Home Top 10 Must-Have Home Decorations!
Zara Home Top 10 Must-Have Home Decorations!

Zara Home: style has a price

Recyclable is one of the trends of the moment. Thus, the dishwashing liquid dispenser gives a woody side to the kitchen. But also use a do-it-yourself dishwashing liquid, and avoid using too much plastic.

For the bedroom and living room, our seventh essential piece at Zara Home will be the white wool rug. Sold at a certain price, 349 euros, it seems so soft that the model of the brand has chosen to wrap herself in it… That is to say how soft it is.

Even in the bathroom, some accessories can give your home a vintage feel. The shovel and the wooden brush give an inimitable style at the price of 22.99 euros… While the metal basket (35.99) can store all your bathroom items.

Highlight of the show, the woven animal rug in the shape of a bone. Zara Home has refined all the details of your future home … Beige and wicker color, it will make your best four-legged friends sleep well… All at the price of 17.99 euros!